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My Parents
Posted on: 30th of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

It’s almost 6 in the morning. The suns up and I can already hear the birds humming along with the somewhat chilly air that’s wrapping the whole neighborhood. I can’t believe I’m already awake. Went to bed somewhat early last night, that’s why. I feel so good, so refreshed. I should sleep early more often. ;)

I feel loved. I feel great. I love my ‘rents so so much! Here are a few words about them…

My mother… the best mom in the whole wide world. ;) She may completely drive me nuts with her constant nagging… she may, at times say things that deeply hurt me… but, above all that, she’s still the greatest. She works extra hard just so she can give us our needs. She wakes up really early everyday, even on days when she’s sick, to prepare our breakfast, to wake us up and to make sure that we don’t get late for our classes and other appointments. She’s the person who goes an extra mile just to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

Then there’s dad… yes, the best father in the whole wide world. ;) He may always be working and almost never home… he may be really strict and can put on that “scary vibe”… but, we love him, and yes, he’s still the greatest. He worked hard to give us a great life. All the nights he spends at the office, working, instead of being at home are his sacrifices to give us a great future. All the times he used to wait for me for hours until I finish dance rehearsals (even if it meant that he’d wait in the car ’til after midnight)… those were all out of his love for me.

Yes, I love my parents very much. We may disagree from time to time, have petty arguments and make eachother cry, but those are toppled by the love I have for them. ^__^ They always say that they have the best life in the world because they have us as their children, but I say that my brother, sister and I are more lucky and blessed in life… because mom and dad are OUR parents. ^^;;

Ahhh, life is great. A bliss, indeed! ^_,~;;

a shot of mom and dad during their college graduation. that was the day their love affair started. ^^;;
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My Brother Graduates
Posted on: 28th of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

I’ve been a little quiet in here, haven’t I? I’ve just been a little busy taking time off the net and getting loads of rest. ;)

Yesterday, my brother had his college graduation march. He technically graduated last October, but it was only yesterday when they had the march. Exhausting. In the morning, his college (Masscomm) had their ceremony at the UP film center. It was a bit draggy, but I didn’t complain too much since it was cold. I was just happy not having to be outside in the extreme heat! o_O;; hehe.

It ended before noon, so for lunch, we headed off for some salad, pizza and pasta at CPK. We just love eating out. It’s our favortie time for being together and bonding. We try to do it often. Dad only comes home during the weekends, so we have to savour the time when we’re all complete.

Anyway, after having ice cream for dessert, we headed back to UP for the grand graduation march with all the other graduates from the different colleges. There were A LOT of them. Over 5,000 graduates!! And the heat was terrible. It’s rays were practically blazing at us. Good thing dad didn’t mind walking back to the car to get the umbrella. We would’ve been roasted if he didn’t. XP hehe.

The whole ceremony was exhausting. From the series of speeches to the actual recognition of the graduates. I was running around being my brother’s personal photographer. It was way tiring. Imagine a petite girl, walking around the field in a skirt and stiletto’s that were almost 4 inches high. bleh! My heels kept on sinking into the ground!! x_X;; LOL!

Since there were a lot of graduates, only those who received honors went up to get their medals. It was great seeing my own brother going up to recieve one for being a magna cum laude honor. We’re very proud of him. ^___^ Oooh, and I even saw Noelle, a friend from the SS yahoo group. I’m also happy for her for being another magna cum laude honor. ;) Wooh!

One of the things I learnt from the whole ceremony is from one of the speakers… “What is better than a long speech? –a short one.” hehe! True, indeed. I was already half asleep by the end of the whole thing. LOL! ^^;;

Went to mass at the UP chapel right after. I would’ve been more attentive if only I wasn’t as tired and sleepy. It even felt as if the fan blowing right at us was teasing me. It made my eyes even more groggy. o_O;;

We then had a yummylicious dinner at Little Asia. I loved their chicken with almonds and lemon sauce! mmm… I think that actually woke me up! ^_,~;; hehe. I loved their interior too! A mixture of native and pop art flare. wooh. The whole resto was great. 5 thumbs up!! ;)

A couple of pictures before I run off for dinner…

a funny shot of my bro with 2 of his friends (iya and deng). hundreds of other graduates in the background.

oh yeh, i forgot to mention that Bestest passed her audition for the music course (major in composition) in UP Diliman. she’ll be an incoming maroon freshman this school year! wooh! i’m so proud and happy for her. i even took a shot of her name on the list of those who passed when i dropped by the music building… hehe ;)

mother dearest and i during lunch at CPK.
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Thanks for all the guestbook entries, guys! You’re all wonderful. I’ll promise to get back on all of you as soon as I can. ^_,~;;

Every Meeting Has a Purpose
Posted on: 24th of April 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I’ve always believed that everyone we meet in life, we meet for a reason. I believe that there’s a purpose behind why certain individuals were made present in our lives. Some are there to make living a pain, and torture us emotionally. Some to keep us sane and happy. Some are there to show us what life is about and let us feel their unconditional love. Some are simply there to help and teach us life’s lessons. Some enter our lives only for a few minutes, while some enter and stay for quite a while. Either way, each and every person we encounter will leave an effect on us in one way or another.

So, if someone comes into your life and after a while leaves you with a feeling that you’ve been stabbed in the chest, don’t be disheartened; that person came into your life for a reason. If you have someone that keeps you sane, that never fails to make you happy, be glad; that person is in your life for a reason. If you have someone who loves you unconditionally even if your flaws are more than the good things about you, rejoice; that person is in your life for a reason. If you have someone that helps you understand the ways and realities of life, who shows you that there’s always something to look forward to, take great pleasure; that person is in your life for a reason. And, if you meet people who stay only for a minute and meet others who remain a while, be delighted; all of them came for a reason.

The reasons may be vague as of the moment. Some reasons may even take a while to understand. But, in life, nothing was put by chance or by mistake. They all come to transform and mould us into the person we were created to be. ^_,~;;

Ahh, writing that made me feel better. ;)

Anyway, I’m home alone tonight. Dad’s still up in Pililla… work. My mom, brother and sister on the other hand are out, checked in a hotel for the night (or is it 2 nights?). I’m supposed to be with them, but I just didn’t feel like going. I can’t believe I put off staying in a hotel and swimming all day to stay home instead. Well, it’s not like I regret not going at all, I’m actually happy that I have the whole house to myself. hehe. I need some “me” time anyway. ^_,~;; So, yeh, it’s only about half past 9 in the evening, but the whole house is in utter silence. The only thing I hear right now is the sound coming from the keyboard as I bang away on it. Heh, even the household helpers are already asleep next door, in our other house.

Maybe I’ll go put on some music. Turn the volume to full blast and dance around like some weirdo. haha. Oh well, I have the whole house to myself, so why not? mwahehe. ^___^

Summer Heat
Posted on: 23rd of April 2003 | Under: Life & Love

The heat has been such a pain. I love summer, but why does it have to be THIS HOT here?! I’ve been getting migraines and constant dizziness lately. Everywhere I go, it feels as if I’m standing in the middle of an oven. Unbearable heat, I tell you! I so wish I was strolling by the beach right now. For some reason, the hot weather doesn’t bother me, as long as I’m somewhere near water. Ahh, a little over a week more and I’ll be bumming by the beach already. wooh! I can’t wait! ;)

Oh my! Can this be for real?! I hear raindrops on the roof. wooh! It’s drizzling outside! yey, rain!! ^__^ That’s just perfect. This whole country needs to be hosed and cooled down. wooh!

Bleh! o_O;; I feel like running back to the comfort of my cold room. It’s way too hot in our pc room… But, before I go, I wanna share this piece of writing with you guys. If you’re single, I’m sure you’ll love it!! ::click::

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