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New Layout
Posted on: 31st of May 2003 | Under: Artsy Fartsy
NEW LAYOUT! ^_,~;;
I wasn’t really planning on making a new layout, but I was fiddling with photoshop and notepad last night and I ended up making this. wooh! ;) The Drew Barrymore image is from I found it while searching for a layout image for romanrique with Nikz a few weeks ago.

I also added an extra page with links to pictures and my oekakis. I realized that I had quite a bit of space on this domain, so I thought I’d use it up. ^_^ hehe.

Let me know what you guys think. ^_,~;;

My Love for Books
Posted on: 30th of May 2003 | Under: Geek Talk

Oh wow, I can’t believe that I woke up early today. By half past nine, I was already out of bed. Funny because at four in the morning, I was still snuggled under my covers, reading Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook.” It was just something that I couldn’t put down the minute I started reading. Yeh, another one-night read. It was too good to put down. Touching, inspiring and heart-warming. A love story that makes you wish you had the same passion and love that the coupe in the novel did. Everlasting love. Sweet. Emotional. Go get a copy. ^_,~;;

I have a silly smile plastered on my face. I’ve had it since last night. Funny, but I have no idea why I’m feeling so sheepishly perky. haha. I’m just happy. Life is bliss. :)

Fickle. Who, Me?
Posted on: 26th of May 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Do people think of you as someone who’s higly fickle? Someone who has two sides in her personality and whose interests are both the extremes of contradicting things? I think I am.

I was lying in bed earlier and realized that my personality has two sides of everything. I love the outdoors and going out. I love hanging out with friends and going out dancing, but, at the same time, I’m a homebody. I love staying home, lazing and bumming around. I’m also perceived as someone loud, bubbly and hyper. That’s highly true, but I’m also quite shy. I can sit among a group of people and remain quiet.

I’m also someone who’s very playful. Someone who loves to laugh and act silly. Someone who chooses not to worry too much about the future and take things by the day. But, a lot of times I’m also the serious type. Someone who thinks too much. Someone who’s as much of a worry wart even if she claims that she is not.

Contradicting, don’t you reckon? I guess that brings out the Gemini in me. I’m indeed someone who’s fickle and has two personalities. Sometimes it’s hard coping with such personality. I end up battling with myself deciding what I really want. But then again, it can be good because at least it balances things. ^^;;

Anyway, I went out with Steph, Jewelle and Marlon on Saturday. We haven’t seen much of eachother since summer started, so it was great hanging out with them. We just met up in school to pick up our old plates then headed off to Galleria for a Japanese lunch. We just killed time, fooling around the mall before we headed off to Cubao for Jewelle’s violin lessons. hehe. Ok, so we didn’t have to tag along with Marlon and her for her lessons, but Steph and I had nothing better to do, so yeh. ^_^ Steph and I just roamed around the department store and talked over some ice cream while waiting. ;)

We got some neoprints at Galleria too…

back: Jewelle and Marlon.
front: Steph (right) and I (left)

a semi-candid shot of the 4 of us.

Music plugs:
(songs I’m loving right now)
* “Times Like These” -acoustic- by the Foo Fighters.
* “Half-Life” by Duncan Sheik.
* “Blinded” by Third Eye Blind.

Birthday Greetings
Posted on: 21st of May 2003 | Under: Shoutous
Check out the gift I whipped up for her, from a couple of her online friends. ^_,~;; Go send her some loving, guys! ;)

Anyway, I’ll be a little preoccupied for the next couple of days (maybe even weeks). Yep, no more bumming around for me. I’ve been given a job project by my uncle. A deisgn job, that is. Yey! This is what I’ve been asking for all summer. I guess I’ll finally be busy again! I’m way psyched! ^_,~;;

My task is to design the lobby of a function hall. I have to do the plan layout, find the perfect furniture, decide on the color scheme, see which accessories would fit the design and do a dressed-up perspective of it. I’m glad that I can finally use the things I’m learning to good use.

I’m still a little edgy and nervous about the whole thing, though. It’ll be my first “real” design job. Yeh, I’m already used to making plans and designs, but this is different. This is for real. It’s going to be a design that’ll have an actual result. I’m gonna be really buying furniture and fixing up the whole place. I’ve been given a budget and I have to work with that. Plus, I’ll be dealing with real clients and have to present to them my design. sigh. It’ll be tough, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Besides, I know it’ll be a great experience. ^__^

So, yeh, expect less updates from me…. errr, as if I’ve been blogging much anyway. It seems as if I’ve been blogging only once a week. Oh well. ;)

Ok, I’m off to start on the designing. Wish me luck, guys! ^^;;