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Posted on: 24th of June 2003 | Under: Geek Talk

Curled up under my covers, or simply just sitting in a coffe shop, is something that perks me up. It’s not just the relaxation that I enjoy. It’s also because of the fact that the environment is just perfect for me to bend my head down and glue my eyes between the covers of a great book.

I think I’m becoming a bookworm again.

I was in the first grade when I started taking interest in books. Fascinated by the colorful illustrations of fairy tale books, I always spent my break time browsing through the shelves in the school library. I remember repetedly getting in trouble for arriving late to class after break. I was always too comfortable lying on the library couch that I’d loose track of time.

My love for books died down in the second grade. I think it was because of our move to another city. The library in the school we moved to was lousy. Actually, I don’t even think the school had a library at all. When we moved again to another school and city, the school had the same problem. Schools without decent libraries. It’s a shame, really.

It was only in the fifth grade when I regained my interest in books. We had moved to Brunei and ISB‘s library was rich with books of all sorts. Roald Dahl, R.L Stine, the Babysitters Club, SVH and more, I indulged myself to a weekly dose of reading. Thrillers, teenage love stories, adventure and other types of books. I enjoyed all these until the middle of high school. By that time, I already had too much going on for me. Going out, heading off to the mall, parties, and of course, studying.

The later years of high school were too hectic that spending a considerable amount of time between the covers of books were impossible. The only books I knew in those years were those for my IGCSE’s. o_O;;

Years passed and here I am in the middle of my college degree, enjoying the thrill of reading books once again. I’m glad that I had the 3-month vacation. I’ve read 5 books and in the middle of my 6th.

Yesterday, I actually headed off to the Starbucks in Galleria to start on the book I’m currently reading. I sat in a comfy couch and read my book while I sipped my cup of caramel macchiatto. I didn’t even realize the time fly. Over 2 hours after I came in, I walked out of Starbucks. I guess that’s what I love about caf�’s. You can hang there for hours without having to put up with people giving you weird stares for hogging up the space. ;) hehe.

I just hope I can still satisfy myself to a couple of good books when school starts. I have about 5 days left to enjoy before I’m bombarded with design plates again. Yes, I’m looking forward to going back, but I just wish to have some time to relax too.

Anyway, just a couple of pictures before I head off. ^_,~;;

This is the book I’m currently reading. Anne Frank’s Diary.

I actually remember borrowing this from the library sometime in my highschool years. I never got to finish it, so I’m reading it again. ^^;;

I left the bookmark that I usually use at home, so I picked this out from my wallet. Bestest gave this little card to me about 4 years ago. It’s a good-luck note, actually. She stuck it under my table before my final English exam for my IGCSE’s. I’ve kept it in my wallet ever since. *_,~;;

A shot of myself… I’m not sick anymore. ^_^ I look kinda different in this shot tho… #_#;;

Anyway, I’ll return guestbook entries tomorrow. I wanna crawl into bed already. *_*

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