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School, Family, Friends, and Concerts
Posted on: 23rd of July 2003 | Under: Entertainment

I think the silence in here speaks for itself. Yes, I have been busy. School has been a drag. Plates, projects and research work, it all means late nights of slaving away in front of my drafting table. o_O;; I would love to write a chapter on how tired and exhausted I am, but I’d rather not. Instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures…

I’ve been spending a lot of my days at Steph’s house working on our plates and baby thesis… This is Steph, playing the piano…

Jewelle, playing the violin. We got so tired of working, that we went on a little break… Steph played the piano, Jewelle, the violin… and me? ..well, I jumped on those bouncy sticks thingymajigers. hahaha! XP

Bestest and I having lunch with my mom and bro at Ten Noodles. She spent the weekend with us and she already claims our house as her 2nd home. ^_,~;;

Sunday, we had a small reunion with our relatives. This is Bestest and I with Tippi, my adorable cousin. ;)

waaah, the little munchkin is so adorable!!! *_*;;

slobbery ice cream all over her mouth… and she still looks cute! *_~;;

I watched the Duncan Sheik concert with Bestest last Saturday. We bought great front row seats. =) Cameras weren’t really allowed, but a lot of people, including myself, were able to sneak them in. ^_^ hehe.. That’s Rockwell on the big screen and Dain with his bongos…they, along with Paolo Santos did the opening. wanna see more pictures?

Here’s a shot of Duncan at the concert. I’m so glad I went. It was definitely a great break from all the work. -_-;; For more pictures of Duncan Sheik in concert…

Lastly, look at what ate Grace sent me. A package of strawberry and ube jam from Baguio!!! yummmm! That was so unexpectedly sweet of her! mwah! thanks again, ate Grace! ;)

School Blues
Posted on: 14th of July 2003 | Under: Life & Love

Exhaustion to the extreme, that explains my being blogless for the past week. Yeh, I’ve been busy. Really busy, more like it. I can’t believe how much work we’re getting. I hardly have time to rest. o_O;;

I wake up at half past six every morning for school. I listen to our professors ramble on about floor plans and designs. Class ends at noon, but I don’t get home ’til around two o’clock. I prepare myself a late lunch, take a two to three-hour nap, get up and work on my plates. I don’t stop ’til late at night, or in most cases, ’til early morning. Blah! I often wonder when it’ll all end.

Seriously, I think I’m getting an overload. I’ve been extremely moddy lately too. Bleh! I would complain, but for some reason, I’m loving our work. Well, sorta. Sometimes I just wanna give up. Especially during those nights when I feel as if my head’s ready to burst into flames.

People think Interior Design is such an easy course. That it only requires drawing and sketching. Those who think that, have got it all wrong. ID is actually one of the hardest courses out there. It involves both the left and the right brain thinking things over. Yeh, that’s both the creative and the logical thinking. It’s extremely hard being creative and thinking logically at the same time. Our prof says that that’s the main reason why we’re usually attacked with terrible headaches when doing our plates. bleh! @[email protected];;

Anyway, I had lunch and hung out with a few people on Saturday. It was a prefect break from my school work. Just sitting around, eating and chit-chatting over coffee was perfect. I seriously need to do that often to de-stress. I’m looking forward to this Saturday too. The Duncan Sheik concert. ^_^ yey! It’ll be another great break from my plates! I so can’t wait!

*sigh* Anyway, I need to take a short nap before I return to my plates. I’ll leave you with a few pics before I go. ;)

My first plate for the Term. Ethnic inspired. A larger version can be viewed at the “extra” page.

Having fun at G4 on Saturday…
me, Sunshine, Ethel and Noelle.
..err, my face looks weird. o_O;;

err, my face looks so white too! bleh! i’m not that fair!!! hahaha! XP

wooh, of course, chit-chatting over some coffee and fraps. ^_,~;;
Posted on: 6th of July 2003 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

A lot of people think and claim that intelligence is only measured by the highest score in an exam, how many books one has read, being able to memorize a book from cover to cover or becoming a walking dictionary. I certainly don’t believe in that a hundred percent.

Yes, doing good academically will carry you far in life, but for me, intelligence is more of how you deal with your life and what you make out of it. That realization came to me after chatting with an old friend a couple of weeks ago.

You may be ubberly smart when it comes to books. You may be able to discuss intelectual matters in different subjects with ease. But, can you really be called intelligent in life when, at the same time, you repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over? Or when you choose to do things even if you know well that they’re wrong? Or when you speak tactlessly about another person, hurting their feelings in the process? What about when you ask for people’s advices? You know that they are right and it is best to follow what they say, yet you choose to remain stuborn and go your own way.

Intelligence for me is beyond what one can learn from books. It is what a person acquires from the different experiences he goes through in life. It is being wise in how you deal with situations and doing the right and just thing when it comes to making decisions. Intelligence is being able to mingle with different people and being careful not to make harsh and tactless comments that may hurt others.

You’re probably not the smartest person according to your GPA or your IQ result, but if you know well how to deal with your everyday quest, then you’re probably the most intelligent person alive. ^_,~;;

Anyway, to snap out of my deep thinking, I’ve been extremely busy lately. First week of classes and we’ve already been greeted with a stack of work to do. Sometimes I’m even haunted by too much thinking of school work.

The other night, I was in bed thinking for hours about the work I needed to do. I was mentnlly trying to divide my time between all four of my subjetcs. I ended up muddling up my thoughts and thinking of all of my subjects at one time. Sometimes I wonder when my mind will be able to take a rest from all of this. I’m actually glad that I was able to squeeze blogging today.

After this, yes, I’ll be going back to school work. *sigh* A year and a half of hard work, it will be, but I know I’ll get through it. I just have to remain focused. ^_^

A page from my Design and Communication coursework, back when I did my IGCSE’s. I had to design the bottle, logo and display stand for a perfume.

Another page from my coursework. This is actually the time when I started having sleepless nights. I was extremely overjoyed when I got my final result though. My teacher had predicted that I’d get a C for the whole course, but when the Universiy of Cambridge sent back our grades, I got an A! ^^;;

My cabinet of art supplies and drafting materials is getting a little crowded already. I need a bigger storage space for them!

Aww, lookie, Jewelle suprised me a couple of days ago with this late birthday gift. A tall coffee mug with “Princess” written on it. ;) I love it! I can surely use it when I have to stay up doing plates. ^_,~:;
Advance Course, Here I Come!
Posted on: 1st of July 2003 | Under: Life & Love
“If you resorted to gulping down several cups of coffee just to stay awake to do your plates in your Basic course, then be prepared, for this time in the Advance course, you will need toothpicks to keep your eyelids open too.”
That was what Sir Jardenil, our professor for our first class of the Term, said yesterday. *sigh* Yes, things will be a lot harder in class now. He gave us an introduction of what was needed to be done for his subject and boy was I stressed out just looking at them. It’s like triple the amount of plates that we usually get. And to think, I have 3 other subjects, which I’m sure will be as hard too.

Sir Jardenil further warned us, that if we were on full-load (doing all 4 subjects) this Term, then we should be prepared for a tough time. It’ll be hard coping with all 4 subjects, he said. *sigh* We haven’t even started our plates, yet I’m all stressed out already. =(

I hope I’ll be able to get through the whole course. I can’t afford to slack off anymore. He also added that if we found it somewhat hard acquiring A’s in our subjects in the Basic course, then we should work thrice as much to get them this time. Getting high grades is harder he said. Squeezing our brain and creative juices to its limit, if we have to. o_O;; *sigh* Good luck to me!

I can already imagine myself staying awake ’til dawn, working endlessly on mind-boggling plates. I really want to concentrate on doing well. I need to focus and break my habit of procrastinating. I guess this’ll mean that I won’t be as active online anymore.

I’ll try not to brand myself as going on hiatus. I’ll be around. I’ll still be blogging and dropping by your sites. It just won’t be as often.

I need to focus, and that I shall do. Wish me luck! ^_,~;;

I found these pics in one of my old folders and thought I’d post them. ^__^

Sobel and I… taken almost 3 years ago at Steph’s debut.

me, Jewelle and Elaine… taken 2 years ago.