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Life and Love
Posted on: 30th of September 2003 | Under: Life & Love

Life is indeed full of surprises. Wonderful things seem to happen when I least expect them to. It’s amazing, really. I didn’t go out to plan things, but somehow they’ve fallen perfectly into place.

Despite the exhausting schedule that I have right now, despite all the tiresome work that I’m faced with, life is still full of happy things. Something keeps me going. Something keeps me motivated and inspired.

I’m satisfied and very much grateful. God surely has a way of showering us with our hearts desires and blessings. Mysterious, yet lovely, that’s how He works. ^_^

Instantly, I was reminded of how magical it is to love and be loved. ^_,~;; Everything is great. Life is great.

Bliss, it’s all bliss. ;)