Posted on: 31st of January 2004 | Under: Life & Love

I Went to UP last night. The UP Broadguild (my brother’s org when he was still in UP – I’m working on their site too) had their “Destino” again. It’s an event where they have several bands playing and a movie showing (they played “A Walk To Remember”) in the sunken garden afterwards.

I was with JR and my bestest and we took a couple of pics…

Bestest and I.

another shot of us.

JR and I.

with the 2 special people that i love so much. ^__^;;

kuya Jay dropped by too. ;)

i love my bestest! ^^;;

…and i love him too! <3<3<3

It was definitely great spending the evening with the two people I love so much. ^_,~;;

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6 Comments to “Destino”

  1. Marz says:

    Aww.. that is indeed so blissful.. being able to spend time with your two best friends.. well.. if your bf is your best friend, right?! ^_^;; *sighs dreamily* I didn’t know anything was going on in UP.. man I’m so outdated! LOL! ^_^;;

    Ooh.. and you watched "AWTR"? I thought that movie was so cry-worthy! Gad, I feel like a sap for saying that! XDD But… in my opinion, it can’t beat the book. Oh well. =)

    Take care, Anna! <3

  2. nikz says:

    grabe nakikilig ako!! hahahahhahaa … a walk to remember pa talaga anoh … hahaha!!<3333 XDDDD kwissy looks so hyper!! @[email protected];;;

  3. amanda says:

    who’s jr? the pics are hot :) you and your friends are gorgeous. well yanno what they say.. pretty people have pretty friends :) hehe ^_^

  4. Eden says:

    *sprays some ants appearing from the tv monitor* ^_^ you’re beri, beri Blessed =]

  5. alla says:

    didn’t even hear about the event in UP till i read it here. hehe. you & j look so good & happy together. awww.

    i’m glad things are going great for you! tc gurl. :)

  6. Joyce says:

    aww… you 2 look cute together! =)