New Year
Posted on: 17th of January 2004 | Under: Life & Love

It’s already a little over two weeks into the new year, so I guess it’s about time that I start updating here again! ^_,~;; I have been neglecting this domain of mine. Not only was I preoccupied with a number of things offline (namely school and other life matters), I got caught up posting in another journal of mine too.

I guess you can say that the lack of privacy in this domain of mine was one of the main reasons why I opted to remain silent and post elsewhere instead. Frankly, this site is becoming too public. A number of my offline friends and relatives know about this and somehow it was becoming difficult to speak freely in here. But, I did miss posting here. And I did miss interacting with the people who used to listen to me whine and rant. So yes, I am back. I will be posting in here once again.

I also got my not-so-creative juices flowing again and finally made a new layout. Haha! I was getting tired of staring at my previous layout… which I had for over 5 months! o_O;; LOL! Fine, I didn’t change any of the contents in here. The layout is actually even similar to the first version of this domain, but I was just itching to make this, so yeh. It’s simple, but at least the layout is finally different! =P hehe!

The comments section for each post is up now too, so to those who are lazy to sign guestbooks, well, you have a new option to leave your thoughts and comments now. ;)

Before I go, I’d just like to thank those wonderul people who still kept dropping by and leaving me notes in my guestbook, even if I was pretty much “away” for a couple of months. *mwah* I miss you guys! ^^;;

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5 Comments to “New Year”

  1. j says:

    kiss you! kiss you! kiss you! =)

  2. chetz says:

    ey lookie here.. nice haffie "cool" layout. lovee blue!! hehehee. glad 2 c that ur finally back again on blogging here. u didn’t tell me u had another journal. ahuhuhu. bad anna! bad!! hhehehe. that image is u noh? ehhehee :P

  3. nikz says:

    uy! di na sha nangamusta sa YM! *shakes head* hahaha!!! WHOOPEEE!! she updated na! AT LAST!! hahahahhaha!!! XDDDD la lang!! woot! mukhang ang daming biglang nabubuhay na blog! i feel like reviving mine again tuloy! hihihi!! ^^;;; good lucksh!! *woosh*

  4. Carlo says:

    hey! new layout! love the colors. :D

  5. Marz says:

    Yessss.. and she’s baaaaaaack! I was about to go.. "wait domain?! Anna doesn’t have a domain!?" XDD *rememembers EB — our joke, hehehe* But I love the new layout — so you and so.. awesome! ^_^;; Take carez! <3