Nine Months
Posted on: 28th of January 2004 | Under: Life & Love

9 months. That’s how long I have left ’til my final exhibit.

9 months and I’ll be done with drafting plates for my classes. 9 months and I’ll finally be free from going to school early in the morning. 9 months and I will graduate and will receive my certificate in Interior Design. Ahh, in 9 months, I’ll be free.

But yes, that also means that I still have 9 months more of sleepless nights. 9 months more of going to school early. 9 months more of endless drafting of plates. 9 months more of gruelling work.

9 months.

I have yet to grasp the reality that I’m actually gonna be done in 9 months. I’ve already prepared myself for all the tiresome work. Things will definitely be a lot harder now that our final exhibit is approaching. Work has already been divided among the different committees and this afternoon we had a meeting for the Annual Committee (one of the two committees that I’m in– the other would be the Construction Committee) for the yearbook.

The work looked harder than I thought it would be, but I’m sure we’ll cope. I, along with another batchmate, have been assigned “Layout and Graphic Designer/Editor.” I’m sure it’ll be a tough job but I’m pretty much ecstatic to get started on it.

Ahh, I can’t wait for that 9 months to pass. I’l finally be free after that. Well, I do have my Minor Subjects to take in Benilde for a year. Then comes the Board Exams. Then it’ll be actual work as an Interior Designer (when I pass the Board, that is).

Err, I guess it doesn’t really end in 9 months. 8-} haha!

Anyway, we were bored in class earlier, so we went and fiddled with my camera…

Myca and I.

Tonet drafting our floor plan.

My teddy wanted to draft too. XP hehe

Isn’t he just adorable? ^^;; LOL!

I was obviously bored! 8-}

Marz, Myca, me and Tonet downstairs.

Hehe. Expect to see more pictures of my school friends and I in here. We all just love pictures! ^_,~:;

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4 Comments to “Nine Months”

  1. nikz says:

    hahaha. how many times did you say ‘9 months’? DANG!!! just thinking that you’ll be OVER WITH all of THAT!!!! omgggggggg kaka-excite! hahaha! XD *BONK* daya mo! hahaha ;P well good luck for those 9 months … grabe, parang just in time for christmas!! XDDDD

    *lolz* @ cute teddy bear XD hahahahaha!! XDDDD

  2. Amanda says:

    aww look at those hot girls :) man you are gorgeous! but i’m sure people tell u that all the time :)

    9 months! 9 months! lol sounds like youre waiting to have a baby heheh! oooh 9 months, sounds like gettin close to the light @ the end of teh tunnel! gotta be happy about that =D amanda’s proud of you hehe! -hugs-

  3. Marz says:

    Wow! You have a friend (offline) named Marz? ^______________^ Cool! Hahahaha! Yabang! XDDDD

    You know when I first saw "9 months" I thought someone get pregnant! Hahaha! But I wish you luck in your final exhibit! I’m sure the 9 months of work and toil and blood, sweat, and tears will be worth it in the end. =)

  4. Eden says:

    oooh. kawaii beri-bear ^^v

    the next thing we know… those 9months will be zooming soo fast ^^ especially if we enjoyed it and really worked hard for it. ^_^ I’m sure you’ll come out as a success!