Writer’s Block
Posted on: 25th of January 2004 | Under: Geek Talk

I was supposed to blog the other day. I sat in front of my computer for a couple of hours, trying to squeeze my brains out to write about something interesting. After several cups of coffee, I still found myself staring at a blank blog window. Not a word. Not even a single dot or letter.

It’s funny how I’ve gradually become speechless when it comes to blogging nowadays. I remember how enthusiastic I used to be in my blogs. I wouldn’t let a day pass without posting. There were even days that I had more than one post in a day. I was pretty much caught up with the blogging frenzy, really.

Those were the days. Days when I enjoyed jotting down the details about my daily escapades. How I woke up, went to school, ate lunch, had dinner and went to bed. It was routinary. Almost predictable, really. It was fun then, but you get tired of blabbing about the same things. I guess that’s not too surprising considering that it’s been over 3 years since I started blogging.

So yeh, I guess I have become picky when it comes to the things that I blog about nowadays.

If I don’t post in a while, that just means one thing… I have nothing exciting to talk about. =P hehe…

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6 Comments to “Writer’s Block”

  1. Lain says:

    a blogger’s blackout. had one of those as well. ^^;; but sometimes its exceptionally great to be able to write again… with the right words at the right time. =]

  2. nikz says:

    It was fun then, but you get tired of blabbing about the same things.
    hahaha true XD but then again, perhaps you go through a lot of things and you realize, would people actually be interested in knowing this detail and that? and perhaps not everything is routine,… there surely must be something that happened during one particular day that separates it from the others =) hehe! la lang XDDDD too many books … which reminds me, gotta finish reading this other one … wahhaa!! sinasagad ko bakasyon ko ngayon!! do what i didn’t get to do before … wak wak … la lang ^^;;; next book: LOTR!! (good luck to me! X__X)

  3. Marz says:

    I guess we all have those moments! =) Then you realize that if you look back at your blogs, you realize, "Why was I talking about that in the first place?" Seems like in a sense you did find the deeper meaning of blogging.. blogging about not just the everyday doldrums, but to find substance in what you’re typing down in the GM screen. Heheh! ^_^;; But don’t worry.. at least you’re updating more regularly than before! 8-) Nyahahahaha! *huggles* Take care! =D

  4. amanda says:

    hey hot stuff =D man anna, i haven’t talked to u in FOREVER! have u been ignoring me? :( aww i totally know how u feel about the blogging thing, i feel stupid and superficial sometimes just blogging about my boring day .. but poops :( thats why you and your girls – nikz, marz, etc always have poetic words gracing your blogs while i have "my day was alright, i saw ___ and ___" :)

    miss you! love this layout. -hugs- hope to talk to u soon, and keep in touch =) i’ll definitely put your link on my website so i will NEVER forget about you! ^_^

  5. Marz says:

    Amanda rocks! *looks below her comment and gives her a hug* OK, we shouldn’t turn this into a chatting board! Hope you’re doing all right, Annings! <3

  6. nikz says:

    *looks at amanda’s comment* omg! are we that alike? hahahha jkz! ;P *shies away in a corner* XDDD tee-hee-hee ^^;;;;;;;;;