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Rest In Peace
Posted on: 22nd of February 2004 | Under: Life & Love

How ironic. After posting my deep thoughts on death last week, I was awakened by the news that my lolo (paternal side) passed away early this morning . The fact that I never really knew him (I’ve only seen him twice in my entire life) didn’t stop the tears from adding up to the ones that were already there. Even if he wasn’t around when I grew up, he’s still in fact my lolo.

Despite the pain he brought my dad’s family when he left them, I’m sure he was still a great person. I just wish I got to know him more.

My brother and sister just left with my dad and aunts to go to his wake. I was supposed to go as well, but decided to stay home with my grandma (maternal side) instead.

Rest in peace, lolo. I know you’re in a better place now.

Anyway, I’ll be gone for a while. I think it’s best that I get some time off to get away from things. I need to think things through. School is gradually becoming demanding too. I ought to spend more time concentrating on all the responsibilities tied to being a student. I am in fact doing my last few months of my Interior Design course. I need to focus.

So yeh, I’ll be off. For a couple of days or weeks. I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll even be back sooner than I plan to.

Working in the Wee Hours
Posted on: 19th of February 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I’m a vampire. I hardly ever sleep at night. Instead of snuggling under my covers like everyone else, I’m left sitting in front of my drafting table, doing plates in the wee hours of the morning. It’s not like I have much choice. I could work on them in the afternoons when I get home from school, but distractions are always my problem.

The internet is one distraction for me. I can get myself hooked online for several hours, forgetting about my plates that need to be done. I often have to cram just to finish a plate in time for its deadline. I spend too much time with my eyes glued to the computer monitor and too little time on my plates. Pretty sad, huh?

But besides the cyber world, my ultimate distraction has got to be the people around me.

I dislike being disturbed. When I draft, I like to work straight. I dislike people coming up to me asking me to do things for them while I’m in the middle of a plate. I get that a lot here. Everytime I get started on a plate, someone always barges in the room to bug me. It’s simply annoying. I can never get through my plates without someone asking me to do things for them in between.

That’s basically the reason why I like to draft at night. With everyone asleep, I have the perfect time to work on things. No distractions. Noone calling out my name every 30 minutes.

For a lot of people, it’s not an ideal time to be working, but it works for me.

I’m a night person and I find that my mind and creative juices work better at the oddest time. Mainly because I can think straight without anyone butting in between. ^^;;

So yes, those baggages under my eyes can get bigger and more visible if they want. I’m too comfortable working at night to change the habit. XP hehe!

Extra: I have 3 new plates up in my extra section.
[ 01, 02, 03 ] – My group’s latest plates in our Restaurant Design Class.

Weekends are Love!
Posted on: 17th of February 2004 | Under: Life & Love

I had a wonderful weekend.

It started off with the CCP and ABS CBN tour of my batch on Friday. It was fun, not only because our class was canceled for the day, but because we were able to mingle and spend time with our batch mates. We were pretty exhausted towards the latter part of the tour, but the whole experience was still well worth it.

A couple of pictures are posted here.

Saturday was great too. JR and I spent our first Valentine’s afternoon together here at my home. We watched Kill Bill while we indulged ourselves to some pizza and iced tea. Nothing beats cuddling with the person you love while watching a movie. <3

We then had dinner and spent the evening with my relatives at a close family friends’ house. It was truly nice having him there with my relatives. Literally, he has already become part of the family. Sweet! :)

He slept in our living room couch for the night, but he didn’t get much sleep with people barging in and out of the room and mosquitoes feasting on him. *mow* =( My poor bebe. But yeh, it was still great having him over. ^_,~;;

Of course, what’s a family gathering without any pictures, yeh? CLICK HERE.

ABS CBN tour

Valentine's Day

Life is Short
Posted on: 12th of February 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Earlier in class, I was surprised to hear that the grandmother of a close friend passed away just last night. Altough I didn’t know her too well (the only interaction we’d have everytime I was over their place, would just be an exchange of “hi’s” and “hello’s”), I was still somewhat disheartened upon hearing the news.

The thought of someone passing away instantly, is daunting. Life is indeed short. Noone can really know or predict when their time will come.

I was over at my grandma’s sister’s place for dinner the other night, and they were all discussing memorial services and how they’d like to be burried once they pass away. I felt somewhat uncomfortable having to listen to their conversation, but it did get me to ponder on several things.

What if my time was to come in the near future? Have I been living my life to the fullest? Have I done everything that I was supposed to do? Will people even think of, or remember me, several years after?

When reflecting about ones life, it’s quite normal to contemplate over those questions, but if I do pass away in the near future, I know I’ll be happy. I’ve lived, and continue living, a wonderful life. I have my family who’s always been there guiding and supporting me in every way. My friends, who never fail to comfort and be there for me. And of course, I have him, the person who’s been amazingly patient with me (despite my moodiness), who’s always amazing me in his little ways and the person whom i love so much. <3

Life has been good to me. I know I won’t have to worry about passing away because I have wonderful people around me… loving me just as much as I love them. ^_,~;;