Mood Swings
Posted on: 8th of February 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

People say that I’m moody. They say that my emotions can shift from one pole to the opposite, in just a couple of minutes.

I won’t object to their claim, because I myself know that I am moody. One minute I can be boisterously laughing out loud, and the next, I can be looking all irritable and gloomy. It’s somewhat ironic, really. I am pretty easy to please. A simple gesture will get me smiling all day. But yes, my mood changes negatively just as fast too.

Why the fickle mood swings? I have yet to understand it myself.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I expect a lot from people that most of time I get disappointed if those expectations aren’t met. I even remember talking to Nikz about it some months ago, and she mentioned the same thing. There’s really no use in expecting people to act or treat you the way you want them to, because there are chances that you’ll just get frustrated in the end.

My being sensitive adds up to my being moody too, perhaps. Even the simplest things get me annoyed. I guess I just take a lot of things seriously. Which isn’t always good.

I know that it’s not right to demand too much from people. Everyone can’t be exactly the way you want them to be. And yeh, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to get all moody either.

Err… maybe it’s just the effect of every woman’s “monthly visit.” XP haha!

Anyway, we spent my late grandpa’s death Anniversary today. Check out the pics here! ^_,~;;

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4 Comments to “Mood Swings”

  1. stephen says:

    it boggles my mind why we do more research on men’s hairloss than women’s periodic moodswings. i guess it’s about time we change that. i’ll be the first one do a study on that. hopefully that will answer all our questions.

  2. chetz says:

    i get dat too.. a lot! especially when i get my period.. lol. i once read in a magazine that women get extremely moody for no apparent reason on/before they their menstrual cycle. weird?!! but true. hehehee. it’s good though dat u are aware of this.. cuz u can change it.. i’m slowly changing it.. and so far so good. haven’t really flipped out on anyone yet. hehehe :-D

  3. nikz says:

    hehe. perhaps it’s not because we expect too much but perhaps it’s because we’re treated like how a girl isn’t used to be treated. (hmm i think i’m getting off the topic here, har har har!!) BAH! lots of elements to consider. we were treated with extra care when we were sensitive/fragile and small (actually we still are, tee-hee!!) … but as we grow older the world becomes grey and we’re probably not used to that, and so we tend to become moody. HMMMMMMMM T__T

    i think i think too much. hahaha!!! anyway. but if we keep on thinking that, we can’t expect people to be like this, or like that when in fact, we are hurting inside – it’s like allowing people to step all over us again … in a way, it is bad to expect too much, but in a way, it is also dangerous to tolerate too much trampling on your sensitivity. (i hope i’m making sense!! hahahahaha XD)

    but i guess things are better left unexplained … therefore i declare my previous paragraphs as void! hahahah XD *bleh* X__x

    ps. ang cute ni kikay! and you have something red in-between your teeth XD hahah jkz! ^^;;; *haay* kaka-miss ang pinas! *sniffs*

  4. Eden says:

    just recently, my best pal concluded that I have a bipolar personality syndrome of sorts, which exhibits symptoms of what you just mentioned (and well, I’m not sure if there is such a clinical disorder btw ^^;)

    just when i thought it was something unique in my part. ^_^ I never really bothered to explore it myself, though at times I’d like the elusive calm of joy to weigh more heavily than sadness. :(