Weekends are Love!
Posted on: 17th of February 2004 | Under: Life & Love

I had a wonderful weekend.

It started off with the CCP and ABS CBN tour of my batch on Friday. It was fun, not only because our class was canceled for the day, but because we were able to mingle and spend time with our batch mates. We were pretty exhausted towards the latter part of the tour, but the whole experience was still well worth it.

A couple of pictures are posted here.

Saturday was great too. JR and I spent our first Valentine’s afternoon together here at my home. We watched Kill Bill while we indulged ourselves to some pizza and iced tea. Nothing beats cuddling with the person you love while watching a movie. <3

We then had dinner and spent the evening with my relatives at a close family friends’ house. It was truly nice having him there with my relatives. Literally, he has already become part of the family. Sweet! :)

He slept in our living room couch for the night, but he didn’t get much sleep with people barging in and out of the room and mosquitoes feasting on him. *mow* =( My poor bebe. But yeh, it was still great having him over. ^_,~;;

Of course, what’s a family gathering without any pictures, yeh? CLICK HERE.

ABS CBN tour

Valentine's Day

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8 Comments to “Weekends are Love!”

  1. Marz says:

    So the family likes him! Awwww! ^___________^;; No doubt that’s a good sign! Sorry that he was feasted on by the mosquitos and the noise pollution.. but hey! It was all for love, right?! ^^;; Glad that you had a good Valentines! ^^;;

  2. stephen says:

    hey anna i just noticed one thing in the first set of pics with your batchmates. did you grab tonet’s booty? he he he. sorry that was the first thing that caught my eye.

    wawa naman si JR. the things guys do talaga for the girl they love. he he he. thumbs up talaga ako sa kanya.

  3. stephen says:

    oh one last thing. you’re tita abby’s cute. how old is she? he he he. *devilish grin*

  4. stephen says:

    last na talaga pramis. you guys look so adorably cute… yiheee.. first valentines. how schweeett!

  5. stephen says:

    your auntie abby is only 27? and so am I (well technically I’ll be 27 in 11 months). is she single? *wink*

    nah check the picture again. i’m sure you were groping her. he he he. i’m kidding.

  6. Suny says:

    cute little site<3

  7. Eden says:

    Haay… swerteng kuya JR! ^_-V The pictures taken were great (mostly because of the beautiful people in it ^^).

    Kill Bill isn’t exactly a romantic movie (sa palagay ko nga horror yun ><;;), but I think spending it with a significant other makes a difference. Tama ba? =P

  8. anna says:

    testing, testing… one, two three! i hope this works! XP