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Batch Outing
Posted on: 29th of April 2004 | Under: Travel Junkie

Out of town trips are something that I enjoy quite a lot. Being able to get away from, not just the school work, but also from the hustle and bustle of city life, is such a treat. Emptying your mind from all the worries and just having fun is something everyone must do once and a while.

Heading off to a beach in Zambales with my batch was great last Saturday. The beach itself wasn’t exactly like that of Boracay’s, but being in the company of some wonderful people made everything fun. Talking, laughing and getting to know our batchmates a little bit more was perfect. Somehow, the whole trip bonded the batch a little tighter.

What better way to describe the entire trip, than through pictures, right? So, here you go…

:: click here ::

Oh, and inlight to the recent exhibit, which some of my batchmates and I had in Glorietta, we were featured in several local newspapers. It’s just funny seeing your name and face plastered on the paper! haha! XP

Here are 2 shots of those…

A shot of our platform, “Kulay,” with our names below it. From the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

My group members and I. Taken from the Manila Bulletin.

And because I’m feeling extra vain right now, here’s a shot of Steph, me and Jewelle, taken around 2 weeks ago….


A Birthday Gift
Posted on: 18th of April 2004 | Under: Shoutous

My bebe turned 23 today. =)

Every year, Nikz and I whip up a little something for him. Last year, we made him a fan site. ^^;; This year however, we made him this. =)

I hope you liked it, my dear! ^^;;

Of course, the credits should go to Nikz . She practically did the whole tweaking with the pics and layout. hehe. Now I owe her a treat of starbucks everyday when she comes back here! LOL!

Anyway, I had a great time with him and his friends last night. He just had a little gathering at his house. It was pretty obvious that I was up to something. I kept on disappearing into his room to use the computer (to check up on nikz and “the projet”). haha! Oh well. XP



wooh! ;)

his face got cut off! hehe!

yeh, we love the camera! ;)


Wasn’t able to take pictures with the others. The battery of my camera ran out before everyone else arrived! 8-} haha! XP

Oh, and this is an extra gift. ^___^;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my bebe! I love you! :)

Six Months
Posted on: 16th of April 2004 | Under: Life & Love

Exactly 6 months ago, I was over at his house. Exactly 6 months ago, he surprised me with a Dory stuffed toy (Finding Nemo was our first movie together). Exactly 6 months ago, he told me about the wish he made when he saw a shooting star about a month earlier. Exactly 6 months ago, he asked me if his wish had come true. Exactly 6 months ago, I answered him and said, “yes it had.”

Exactly 6 months ago, my life became even more wonderful, because it was the start of a truly beautiful relationship with my bebe.

6 months and our love still grows everyday. <3

I can’t wait spending, not just the next 6 months with you, but the rest of our lives together. ^_,~;; I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, my sweetie! mwaah! :-*

He Is Wonderful
Posted on: 9th of April 2004 | Under: Life & Love
“It is finished.”
– JOHN 19:30
Those were the last words Jesus said before He breathed His last.

It is done. It is fulfilled. It is accomplished. Indeed, He had fulfilled His life on earth. He showed people the right ways of living. He served and taught God’s words, so that it may live on until today. He was a perfect example of unconditional love and mercy.

He fulfilled them all, but the greatest of His accomplishments on earth was none other than His death. How wonderful it is for someone to give up His life for us. To suffer great pain, greater than any man could ever suffer, not because he deserved it, but because he chose to. By dying on the cross, He bore all our sins, offering us a forgiveness that gave us new life. Salvation.

Sometimes I wonder if any of us are even deserving of all that He sacrificed for us. I know myself and I know that I’m not perfect. I’ve sinned and have disappointed Him many times. But the amazing thing about Jesus is that, He still did it. He still gave up His life because He loved us all that much.

Beautiful, that’s what Jesus is. And truly, there is just no greater love than what He showed us.

The Holy Week has always connoted itself as being sad and gloomy days. We’ve all been used to that. But I reckon we should also remember that we’re supposed to be thankful as well. Jesus saved us from our sins, so we should be happy. Because of Him, we are free. ^^;;

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone! =)