Batch Outing
Posted on: 29th of April 2004 | Under: Travel Junkie

Out of town trips are something that I enjoy quite a lot. Being able to get away from, not just the school work, but also from the hustle and bustle of city life, is such a treat. Emptying your mind from all the worries and just having fun is something everyone must do once and a while.

Heading off to a beach in Zambales with my batch was great last Saturday. The beach itself wasn’t exactly like that of Boracay’s, but being in the company of some wonderful people made everything fun. Talking, laughing and getting to know our batchmates a little bit more was perfect. Somehow, the whole trip bonded the batch a little tighter.

What better way to describe the entire trip, than through pictures, right? So, here you go…

:: click here ::

Oh, and inlight to the recent exhibit, which some of my batchmates and I had in Glorietta, we were featured in several local newspapers. It’s just funny seeing your name and face plastered on the paper! haha! XP

Here are 2 shots of those…

A shot of our platform, “Kulay,” with our names below it. From the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

My group members and I. Taken from the Manila Bulletin.

And because I’m feeling extra vain right now, here’s a shot of Steph, me and Jewelle, taken around 2 weeks ago….


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6 Comments to “Batch Outing”

  1. alla says:

    inggit me. wanna go out of town also… escape. waah. hehehe :D mwah mwah. loved the beach pics.

  2. Marz says:

    YAY! So.. if I enroll in PSID, I’ll be starstruck? Hahaha! JK! =D But that’s cool that your got publicity. And your designs are nice.. I remember seeing yours in G4! =D

  3. Eden says:

    Wow! You’re gonna be really famous soon! :D

  4. Amanda says:

    wow! look at all those pretty pictures! and i’m not talkin about the beach ^___^;;; hehe. looks like you had a great time! thats so wonderful~!!! well well, youre like a superstar now! i hope you won’t forget about me when your fame comes hehe ^___^;;

  5. nikz says:

    did i mention that it’s unfair you get to go to the beach? WAHHH!!! XDDDD XP

  6. eason says:

    Pretty girls, nice to meet you!