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Posted on: 23rd of May 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

nostalgia n. a sentimental longing for the past.

I am by far the most nostalgic person that I know. Well… I used to be.

I was one of those people who used to crave for the past. I used to miss everything that was and often craved for the life I had before. Being always on the move, people assumed that I was great at saying goodbye and starting anew. That having moved to different places 5 times, in my almost 21 years of existence, I’m already used to the whole routine. The truth is, I find it more difficult each time.

The most difficult was our last move in 1999. We moved back here to the Philippines after living in another country for over 6 years. I became depressed for some time. I longed for the company of the firends that I left behind. Longed for the memories and experiences. It was tough trying to fit in the new environment that I was forced into. I became miserable.

But life has turned a great 360 degrees eversince. I’ve moved on. I no longer crave for the past. No longer have bouts of depression attacks. No longer cry myself to sleep, wishing I could wake up and be back to where I was some years before. I’ve been happy and I can say that I’m finally 100% settled in.

Who wouldn’t be happy, anyway? I have a great life here. It’s not as comfortable or as luxurious as my life back in the country we lived in before, but there are more reasons for me to be happy here. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an ever-so-loving person to share my life with. I seriously couldn’t ask for more. ^__^;;

I used to think that I’d forever be the highly nostalgic person that I once was. But I’ve changed. I’m no longer that person and I’m actually happy about it. ^_,~;;

School has been busy. My groupmates and I have a museum plate which needs to be done by the end of the week. This’ll mean nights spent drafting instead of sleeping again. Oh well, I guess I’m already used to it. Taking up Interior Design was my decision. This is the life I chose. I guess I just have to deal with it. =)

Oh, I drove to Festival today. I can’t wait to get my actual license! I’m dying to drive around the metro already! XP haha!

The Da Vinci Code
Posted on: 10th of May 2004 | Under: Entertainment

I’m currently reading The Da Vinci Code. Something that I found very hard to put down since I turned to its first page. I’m only half way through the book, but I’ve already been amazed numerous times. Well written, I must say. In every page, I could not help but anticipate what would happen next.

Reading the book is like sitting in my History of Art and Architecture class all over again. All the details in each art form and architecture is overwhelming. My prof would seriously be overjoyed seeing my enthusiasm in capturing and understanding the detailed descriptions which Dan Brown (the author) has successfully pointed out in the book.

The first few chapters even left me sour-graping over the missed opportunity I had in viewing the 65,300 pieces of art in the Mus�e du Louvre when we were in Paris several years ago. We were already there, standing right infront of its glass pyramid entrance. My brother and I were very much excited to go in. One of the reasons why we had insisted in persuading our parents in stopping by Paris during our Europe trip, was to be able to view those precious art. But no, we weren’t able to go in. Why, you may ask? Only one person. The little sister. 8-} She was too young to go in and refused to be left with my mom while my dad accompanied my brother and I into the museum. Such a bummer, really. x_X;; But yeh, there’s still the future. I will go back. Before I die, I will go back and visit. ^^;;

Anyway, I won’t talk about the controversial issues about the book. So far, I haven’t found any that’s really worth mulling over. Like I said, I’m only half way through it. Besides, I’ve just been enjoying it’s fictional plot. Maybe when I’m done reading it. XP

Today, for the first time, I exercised my right to vote. I found it somewhat hard filling in the lines of my ballot. Not only did I find a lack of good-enough candidates, I also failed to learn more about quite a lot of them. But nevertheless, I still voted.

My vote is just one over several millions, but it still counts. I’m just hoping that the turn out of the election will finally lift the country from the hardship it’s been facing.

Layout Update
Posted on: 6th of May 2004 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

I missed making layouts. The effort of squeezing your brain out to come up with ideas, as well as sitting in front of the computer for hours, trying to generate those ideas into something new and interesting… yes, I missed all that.

This afternoon, I actually got myself to make a new layout. =) Wooh! Simplicity is how I like to do my site. Not too much clutter, not too much color. So yeah, I just tweaked around photoshop and notepad and came up with this. Not much difference with the old layout, but at least it’s a new look. XP hehe.

I was going through the old entries in my guestbook, and I couldn’t help but reminisce the old “web scene.” How I’d go online everyday, blog, visit other peoples’ sites, comment and reply guestbook entries. It was much like a routinary thing, but I actually miss it.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people these days have opted using livejournal, blurty or tabulas for their blogging purposes. Most of these people are actually the ones who used to be very much active in their own websites. Frankly, I’ve become one of those people too.

I guess it’s the freedom and privacy that one has when using those type of blogging services that attract people like me. This website for one has become way too public. Sometimes I find myself having to think twice before posting some concerns or anything too detailed about my thoughts and feelings. The fear of unwanted people lurking around and reading my thoughts pops up. At least with blurty or livejournal, you get the option of allowing only certain people to read your posts.

But I do miss posting here. I miss the whole website scene. So, I’m keeping this website up. I’ll still be posting. Besides, this has way too many memories and sentimental values for me to let it go. ^__^;;