Layout Update
Posted on: 6th of May 2004 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

I missed making layouts. The effort of squeezing your brain out to come up with ideas, as well as sitting in front of the computer for hours, trying to generate those ideas into something new and interesting… yes, I missed all that.

This afternoon, I actually got myself to make a new layout. =) Wooh! Simplicity is how I like to do my site. Not too much clutter, not too much color. So yeah, I just tweaked around photoshop and notepad and came up with this. Not much difference with the old layout, but at least it’s a new look. XP hehe.

I was going through the old entries in my guestbook, and I couldn’t help but reminisce the old “web scene.” How I’d go online everyday, blog, visit other peoples’ sites, comment and reply guestbook entries. It was much like a routinary thing, but I actually miss it.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people these days have opted using livejournal, blurty or tabulas for their blogging purposes. Most of these people are actually the ones who used to be very much active in their own websites. Frankly, I’ve become one of those people too.

I guess it’s the freedom and privacy that one has when using those type of blogging services that attract people like me. This website for one has become way too public. Sometimes I find myself having to think twice before posting some concerns or anything too detailed about my thoughts and feelings. The fear of unwanted people lurking around and reading my thoughts pops up. At least with blurty or livejournal, you get the option of allowing only certain people to read your posts.

But I do miss posting here. I miss the whole website scene. So, I’m keeping this website up. I’ll still be posting. Besides, this has way too many memories and sentimental values for me to let it go. ^__^;;

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8 Comments to “Layout Update”

  1. nikz says:

    hahaha well … you could disappear then reappear after a year and then your audience would be less!! *lolz* (that was my case, har har har!) lovely new layout, btw! biglang sinipag ah … *whistles* hahaha! gusto ko tuloy gumawa ng bagong layout!! it’s not for the sake of blogging, but for the sakes of art!! whoopee! XDDD hahahh! (ang labo ko, i know T_T)

  2. Marz says:

    Nothing is more certain of change than change. =) Not only does that apply to your layout but how you prioritize your audience. Sure, the ordinary blogging scene makes things more conducive to reach the wrong eyes. =) Personally, I still love the layout making scene. Till now I haven’t gotten over it. I love this new look, Anna. It’s so.. nice. =) Really soft and feminine.

    Oh btw, I am still thinking of what to do regarding my majors. I have been having trouble with the courses that I want to take for Ateneo (because they don’t offer much) which is why I was considering going to PSID. But I’ll find out within 2 weeks as what to do. =) Thanks for your concern, Anna. Take care! <3

  3. bestest says:

    hey angel… hahahaha! wala lang! amishu… love the layout… =) syempre! ako pa!!! labs kita! promise! =) mwah! see you soon! =)

  4. katia says:

    I was just thinking about everything that you wrote here last night! I just happened to be hopping around sites and looking through some of my old gbook entries too. Hay, nakaka-miss no? I miss making layouts, seeing tons of gbook entries, writing tons of gbook entries in return and blogging. I write more freely in LJ now, but it’s still different in having your own site diba? Hehe. Too many memories and sentimentality, I second that! :) Anyways, I like your new layout, the girl seems to be floating. Hehe.

  5. Angeli says:

    That’s true. Although my "audience" are NOT than big anyway, I would still like to have a keeper of my thoughts with lesser participants on it. ^_^

    I can’t escape from the embrace of blogging. I learn new things from people, as much I discover something about myself. Making layouts is such a wonderful form of expression too. ^_^

    Loving the new look! *Hugz* BTW, do try to ask about Leyte with your dad. ^_-

  6. Amanda says:

    omg sweetie! this is absolutely so beautiful – so graceful – lol if a layout can even be graceful .. this is definitely it! i love it! yah, i’ve noticed all the lj and blurty, xanga – stuff like that. i’m like totally the opposite, for some reason – i can’t bring myself to write in my lj that often. i’ll do it in spurts… i’m weird like that! lol maybe i’ll try harder heheh!

    xoxo. i LOVE this! gotta love the colors!

  7. sara says:

    yes, i know that feeling… i mean, it’s your blog and you could put whatever you want but sometimes, you’ll think twice… haaaay… :p

  8. jr says:

    i miss you!!!