The Da Vinci Code
Posted on: 10th of May 2004 | Under: Entertainment

I’m currently reading The Da Vinci Code. Something that I found very hard to put down since I turned to its first page. I’m only half way through the book, but I’ve already been amazed numerous times. Well written, I must say. In every page, I could not help but anticipate what would happen next.

Reading the book is like sitting in my History of Art and Architecture class all over again. All the details in each art form and architecture is overwhelming. My prof would seriously be overjoyed seeing my enthusiasm in capturing and understanding the detailed descriptions which Dan Brown (the author) has successfully pointed out in the book.

The first few chapters even left me sour-graping over the missed opportunity I had in viewing the 65,300 pieces of art in the Mus�e du Louvre when we were in Paris several years ago. We were already there, standing right infront of its glass pyramid entrance. My brother and I were very much excited to go in. One of the reasons why we had insisted in persuading our parents in stopping by Paris during our Europe trip, was to be able to view those precious art. But no, we weren’t able to go in. Why, you may ask? Only one person. The little sister. 8-} She was too young to go in and refused to be left with my mom while my dad accompanied my brother and I into the museum. Such a bummer, really. x_X;; But yeh, there’s still the future. I will go back. Before I die, I will go back and visit. ^^;;

Anyway, I won’t talk about the controversial issues about the book. So far, I haven’t found any that’s really worth mulling over. Like I said, I’m only half way through it. Besides, I’ve just been enjoying it’s fictional plot. Maybe when I’m done reading it. XP

Today, for the first time, I exercised my right to vote. I found it somewhat hard filling in the lines of my ballot. Not only did I find a lack of good-enough candidates, I also failed to learn more about quite a lot of them. But nevertheless, I still voted.

My vote is just one over several millions, but it still counts. I’m just hoping that the turn out of the election will finally lift the country from the hardship it’s been facing.

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16 Comments to “The Da Vinci Code”

  1. Marz says:

    I agree with being mum on the controversial issues on "Da Vinci Code". I talked about some of them on my blog myself, but it’s best to hear others’ reviews first. And I loved how yours was so concrete and really FROM YOU. I mean, in the sense that I am convinced those thoughts were really from you — and you felt it.

    It’s amazing because the LAST place you’d think the Holy Grail is.. oh shoot.. you haven’t read that part, have ya? <3 Hahaha! *tapes mouth closed* =P I think you'll find the ending really interesting.

    From what I heard the counterpart — or a book similar to that of DVC is "Angels and Demons". I’m hunting for that book now but from what I heard "Angels and Demons" has a lot of links to Dan Brown’s piece. =)

    I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I have. =) Btw, who did you vote for? =D

  2. Marz says:

    If I were in the PI (and if I were natural born XP) I would have stuck my two cents in too. =P Hehe. It’s a good thing that you voted for GMA. I guess it’s safe for her because we’ve seen how she acted in the last couple years. FPJ? HAHAHA! Now that’s hilarious. The only thing he’s good at is talking about his butt. Haha! I mean, I see his speeches and I know he’s just thinking of presidency as just another movie. =)

    Vice Prez? Yeah, none of them look worth voting for either. I was joking with a friend saying that one should vote for an all female line-up for next term so the fashino industry would go up and the senate would have a handful of catfights! That would be just too weird, hahah!

    A&D is by Dan Brown too? Darn, I should really look closely at that book! All right, Anna. You go and enjoy the book! ^_^;; When I read it, I didn’t stop. I went straight through the whole night without sleeping. 8-) Nyahahaha! Take care! <3

  3. Marz (again) says:

    Yeck! I meant "talking out his butt". I don’t think he talked about his butt. Then again, that could have been a Freudian slip. XP Bad little me. XP Take care again. =)

  4. Danica says:

    hello! nice site :) i finished reading Da Vinci code last month and I’m currently reading Angels and Demons. ewan ko ba, but I find Dan Brown’s books quite amazing. (actually they are amazing)

  5. Lana says:

    The book that you’re reading is good. I read it this year just because I wanted to and I really liked it. Excersing your right to vote must have been a cool feeling. I’m excited about our upcoming elections. I’ll be able to vote too ^_^

  6. CARLA CABY says:

    YES! i agree the book is good. Blame me for not being able to get in the louvre why don’t you! Blame mom and dad for makin me years younger than you guys! hahahaha!!! I only felt a little guilt coz we’re goin back there! yesssss!!!!!!! hahahha

  7. julianne says:

    hey girl! musta na? it’s good to see that your site is still up. kasi the other halimuyak members’ websites are gone. well, tc!

  8. Marz says:

    I wrote about DVC in my blog a long time ago, but I thought I would share this food for thought with you — because no one gave an opinion on the said topic T_T;;:

    Rememeber in DVC, it is assumed that Jesus was dark haired and blue eyed whereas Mary Magdalene was red haired. And there is a popular hair colour theory/superstition that because red hair is supposed to be "between blonde and brunette" it is considered the idea hair colour for the ideal woman.
    Now, compare it to Robert Langdon — a blue eyed, dark haired professional.. and Sophie — a French REDHEAD.. and they eventually "fall in love", just like the arousing suspicions between Jesus and Mary Magdelene (not that I believe that it’s true, of course). Hm.. weird eh? =D Kinda like a parallel there. =P Oh well.. just a thought. Take care! =D

  9. meane says:

    im reading the book din and i agree w/ you. DI KO SHA MAIBABA. :) well written nga. i love the way how the clues match. :)

  10. alla says:

    haven’t read that book yet but maybe i will just because you like it so much. :) anyway, every vote counts. i really think it’s such a waste that some filipinos didn’t vote. i hope GMA wins. God, let FPJ lose please? hehe. mwah.

  11. nikz says:

    oh darn i haven’t commented here yet? kala ko i did … owels XD can’t remember what i said, but who’s winning the elections, btw? XD heheheh! hope you’re doing fine =3 tc!

  12. Amanda says:

    ahhh i think it was marz or someone who told me about the di vinci code. i wanna read it!! gimme gimme! XD. oooh you voted? i got my voter card a few months ago (finally!) but i’ve never actually exercised my right to vote. i don’t really plan to.. i dunno, i’m not really into politics and i think its kinda wrong of me to vote when i don’t know whats goin on. i’m just happy i got my voter registration card cuz me & my sister registered at school and i thought they took my info and RAN with it! ^O^ haha.

  13. Kathy says:

    The Da Vinci Code is an awesome book! You should read the first one when you finish.

  14. Anna says:

    talaga?! you would’ve picked the same domain name? haha that’s soo ironic :) anyway, after reading what you wrote about the the da vinci code, you make me want to go out and buy it! hMm.. maybe i should? lol. i linked you again btw :) take care Anna! God bless!<33

  15. Trinnah says:

    I read The Da Vinci Code a few months ago, and like you, I couldn’t put it down. I read 200 pages in one day, and I brought it with me wherever I went. My friends kept calling me "nerd", but it was a well-written book, and I just enjoyed it. Well, take care!

  16. jackie says:

    lovely site doll. i will definitly be back. *smooches*