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Turning 21
Posted on: 12th of June 2004 | Under: Life & Love
“So, how does it feel being 21?”
I was asked this question several times when I turned a year older, almost 2 weeks ago (1st of June). Yes I’m already 21, but frankly, I don’t feel any different from being 20. It’s not like I grew, even a centimeter taller or anything! LOL!

I actually have yet to grasp the reality that I’m getting older. Wasn’t I just that little girl who used to bike around the neighborhood every afternoon? That girl who loved climbing trees and running around with her playmates. That girl who would get in trouble for talking too much in class. That girl who loved sitting under the sun with icecream in hand. That girl who would sit with her friends during break time exchanging “kilig” moments with their crushes.

Ahh, I was a little girl. And now, I’m all grown. Or, I’d like to pretend that I am. XP hehe. In a few years time I’ll be done with school, and hopefully, with a wonderful job. If I used to save up money for chocolate, sweets and ice cream when I was younger, in a few years time I’d be saving up to keep myself and my future family alive. A responsibility that will be coming in the near future.

But before pondering over what my future will be like, I still have the present to deal with. =)

Anyway, I just had dinner with my family, my bebe and my bestest on my birthday. Chinese food at Big Budha. Spending my evening with the people I love was just the greatest gift. =)

I wanna thank those who sent their surprise greetings too. I was truly surprised and touched with your messages. I’m truly a very-much-blessed girl who could not ask for anything more in this world. ^_,~;;

Pictures with my sweetie on my birthday…

Anyway, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been so caught up with my offline life. Entries in here aren’t as frequent anymore. School has been plain torture. Endless plates to finish and deadlines to meet. But I’m still coping.

I’ve been extra busy for the past couple of weeks, and now I’m graced with a runny nose and a slight fever. Perfect, isn’t it? *rolls eyes* I have a stack of balled-up tissue paper flooding my computer table. I’ve been sneezing minute after minute. Not a nice way to spend a Saturday evening, really. o_O;;