I Am A Woman
Posted on: 8th of July 2004 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions
“I am a woman and I am fragile.”
– from Paulo Coelho’s novel – 11 minutes
That should speak for itself.

Shopping indeed has some therapeutic effect. For a minute you forget that you spent the previous night restless in bed with a million questions bothering you. You forget that your nose is blocked up and your eyes swollen too.

There’s just something about walking around the mall that helps take you away from the confusion you’re going through. Going through each rack in every shop makes it seem as if everything’s alright. For a minute, you forget everything. But when you’re finally on your way home, armed with only your thoughts, you are pulled back to reality and realize that things aren’t really fine.

I should probably drag myself to the mall tomorrow. I need another minute spent away from reality.

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2 Comments to “I Am A Woman”

  1. Marz says:

    I disagree A LOT with the quote actually.. I’m more of a "I’m a woman, hear me effing ROAR!" kinda person. Mwahahaha! =)

  2. jackie says:

    lovely site doll *smooches*