Layouts: Web and Yearbook
Posted on: 13th of July 2004 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

Finally, a new layout! ^^;;

Instead of working on our yearbook layout, this afternoon I sat myself down to work on this site. It was in dire need of a facelift, really. I was getting sick and tired of seeing the grey tones of my previous layout. Sure, the contents are still the same (I haven’t had the time, nor the inspiration to add anything new), but at least this is something fresh to look at.

Being the graphic/layout editor of my batch’s yearbook, has forced me to fiddle around with Photoshop once again. Having almost 200 pages to do in about a month and a half’s time is a lot of work, but it’s been a thrilling job for me.

I had always dreamed of getting myself involved in such work. I’ve been fond of designing graphics, posters and different layouts for as long as I can remember. For several years, I was contented with designing websites. I would tweak around Photoshop and familiarize myself with its different functions. It was a hobby that somewhat helped me develop, not only my skill, but my love for graphic design too. I enjoyed, and still enjoy making websites, but I always hoped that one day I would find myself working on the layout of magazine or a book.

Sure, it’s only a school yearbook that I’m doing and it’s nothing grande, but I’m still very much psyched up. I can’t wait to work on the rest of the pages. I’m excited to see the final outcome of the work that I had always dreamed of doing. =)

.i love you, my bebe! =).

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6 Comments to “Layouts: Web and Yearbook”

  1. nikz says:

    WOO! i love the new layout!! really coolios XDDDD kakamiss din yung gumawa ng new layout noh? i should start working on one na rin siguro … haha! (out of touch na talaga ako XD) show us what your yearbook looks like ha! *gwee* ^^;;

  2. Marz says:

    Wow! I love the peaceful approach to the layout! ^_^;; It’s got this whole "zen" thing to it.. almost like she’s on her way to actually getting her moksha (enlightenment). =) It’s awesome. =D Hehehe!

  3. jigz says:

    guess what?! umm..i forget…anyway, nice to see u up and running online still…who’s that cute chick in ur layout? and good stuff regarding ur current project.

  4. Rap says:

    ANNA! Ang ganda ng layout. Buti naman you still found time to update your site and layout. Onga pala, good luck sa yearbook layout. For sure, maganda ang kalalabasan nun, ikaw pa!

  5. Pao says:

    Uy anna!!! Nice layout ah. I feel the power of zen hehehehe.. Anyways simplicity is beautiful :D. Ingats ka lagi :D

  6. Amanda says:

    hey hottie! long time no talk eh? its me from i got a new site – mine got lost in the www! i love the new layout -although i’m really behind hehe!