A Blab of Updates
Posted on: 28th of October 2004 | Under: Life & Love

So it seems that I’ve been neglecting this again. Who can be blamed for the lack of activity in here? I’ve just been way too preoccupied with the offline life.

A lot has happened in a span of one month.

Our exhibit that started in the first week of the month has been a success. The yearbook which I designed has been labeled “THE BEST in the history of PSID.” :) Some heart-aching words were said and painful memories were made too. Gladly, those were resolved and things are somewhat back to normal again. ^^;; Gimicks, dancing, get-togethers and heart to heart talks with friends make up for all the exhausting work.

My life was simply in full swing.

Since things are starting to slow down now, I’m probably going to update more often. Granted that I don’t get a writer’s block… something that I’ve been getting quite a lot these past few… err.. weeks!

I also made some changes in my domain. I turned the index page into an online resume/portfolio and I moved my blog to daily.optimystique.net. =)

I promised some pictures, so I’ll leave the links before I go. =)

+ exhibit booth pics
+ yearbook pics

Enjoy! ^_,~;;

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One Comment to “A Blab of Updates”

  1. Livie says:

    hey anna! omg, the yearbook and exhibit booth looks absolutely fantastic!!!! wow, im amazed at such creativity.!!! it’s gorgeous!

    well, just thought i’d drop by and say hi! :) and see how youre doing.. :D hope all is well with you. =)