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The Pessimist In Me
Posted on: 30th of June 2005 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I always beam with optimism in everything that I do. I always look at the brighter side of things and never stop hoping for a better outcome. But, recently I found a sole issue that left the pessimism in me rise.

Yes, that issue is none other than – The Philippine Government.

I am truly appalled at the recent events going on in the government. The president making an apology to the Filipino people and admitting her faults (faults which are actually pretty much unclear right now, which makes everything more confusing!). Different crowds have sprung up protesting for PGMA to resign and frankly, I don’t even know where I stand anymore. I, along with millions of other Filipinos, have less, if not completely lost, trust in the president. Her actions this past week has been very much disappointing. I am not happy with her being president, but, I would not be entirely happy if she resigns (or is impeached) either. Why? Because I just don’t see anyone fit and qualified enough to uplift our country from the rut.

They’re all the same. Each one of them. Elect another for presidency and for sure, the cycle will just repeat itself. Every single one of them has an unbelievable crave for power. Power, power, power. That’s what they all want. They’re all out to bite each other’s heads off, wanting to grab the bigger slice of the cake.

They should all just quit stabbing each other with blames. They should all just quit grilling each other and quit craving for power. Nohing will happen to our country if they continue being the selfless twits that they are.

They should all forget the gaps between them and start working together. Hand-in-hand. If everyone would just stop being so greedy and actually work hand-in-hand, everything would surely work out. Forget competition. Forget being on top. Forget power. All that just makes the country suffer even more.

I have lost all hope in the Philippine government. I cannot see a bright future ahead of us. The only time I will be satisfied and will start rejoicing is when I finally see everyone seated down together, forgetting all their greediness and working as one. But, my goodness, a miracle must first take place for that to happen!

Goodluck to us!

I Have Lived A Meaningful Life
Posted on: 13th of June 2005 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Each one of us live our lives, hoping that one day we will feel contented. We all crave to live a meaningful life. A life that, even if we’ve been bruised a thousands times, we still find healing and feel true happiness and love in those around us.

I was looking through my old photos, diaries and scrapbooks yesterday and I could not help the big smile left plastered on my face. I found myself feeling overjoyed because looking back at my past, I realized that I have certainly lived a meaningful life.

I have laughed ’til I cried. I have felt the love, respect and acceptance of those around me. I have danced the night away. I have travelled, visited and have set foot on a handful of beautiful places. I have made friends more than the number of stars I can count in the sky. I have made a hundred and one mistakes, but bravely faced each one to right the wrongs. I have seen the beauty of nature. I have seen the beauty of God’s works. I have been hurt and have cried ’til there were no more tears. I have stood up and have fought for what I believed was right. I have been overly depressed and have intoxicated myself with alcohol to ease the pain. I have given so much love, not just to those around me, but to myself as well. I have been a friend and have reached out to those who were in need of my hand or shoulder. I have overworked myself, but found reward in the happiness of the results. I have accepted God in my life and have served him. I have failed and have cursed life, but always found the true beauty of it afterwards.

I have lived. I have felt contentment. I am happy. I am whole.

So, if I die tomorrow I will not be disappointed. I know that my life was a meaningful one: I have lived and have loved to the best of my abilities. ^^;;

I’m A Bookworm
Posted on: 7th of June 2005 | Under: Geek Talk

People usually associate a personal trait to a certain event or experience in their past. We claim that what we are at present is the outcome of something that happened to us before. For instance, some people may claim that their enthusiasm for traveling may have been brought about by watching different shows on TV, introducing beautiful places all over the world. Some may claim that their love for writing may have been triggered after reading numerous inspirational books. Some may claim that their strong and independent personality may have been due to the number of times they’ve stood up after failing in the past.

This afternoon, I thought about my being a bookworm.I recalled the times that I would snuggle under my covers with a book in hand. I remembered spending Saturdays in the garden, reading the time away. I reminisced those afternoons in gradeschool when I would opt to burry my head between books, instead of going out to play. I was a bookworm then and I just realized that up to the present, I’m still just that.

Deep in thought, I pondered over the reason as to why I have a somewhat bizarre hype when it comes to reading books. I found myself looking back to my elementary days in ISB. Then, it dawned on me – it all started during our obligatory visits to the school library. Visiting the library for us was compulsory. In fact, it was an entire subject altogether. We were made to go there for an hour and a half every week, and I believe it was there where I grasped my love for books.

ISB had an amazing library which had a wide variety of books. I vaguely remember anticipating my library visits. I adored seeing the thousands of books on the shelves and I always had trouble picking out which book to take home. I wanted to read every single book. No, actually I wanted to own every single book! haha! I was just awestruck with the abundance of books. My previous schools before ISB lacked in the library department. They weren’t rich enough in books. In one of the schools, we weren’t even allowed to go in the library! 8-} So yes, I have to thank ISB for opening my eyes to the world of books. I have to thank ISB for making me into the bookworm that I am now.

(I’ll end this now. I’m begining to sound like I’m advertising ISB already! hehehe!)

I Value Friendship
Posted on: 5th of June 2005 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I value friendship. I value every single person that comes into my life.

I have quite a number of friends, most of which are spread all over the world. I only really have a handful close ones who are within reach by car. That is pretty much the disadvantage of always moving around. You gather friends from every single place you live in, become extremely close and chummy with a crowd, then find out that you have to leave and part ways just when you feel that everything’s perfect already.

Leaving friends behind is harder than one can really imagine. People have this notion that you get used to saying goodbye if you move to different places a lot. But, the truth to the matter is, it’s actually a lot harder each time.

You are plagued with depressing thoughts, wondering when you’ll have a normal life. Yes, you do make quite a lot of friends along the way. You value each and every one of them. But, there’s still nothing better than having a bunch of friends whom you can call your barkada. The ones you can run to any time of the day. The ones you can confide and spend time with, up until you’re old and graying.

I envy those people who have barkadas whom they’ve known pretty much their entire lives. Well, I do have several barkadas. The only problem is, I’d have to travel miles to reach them!

But, despite all that negative reflection, I am fond of making new friends and I believe I don’t have trouble in it either. In fact, having friends all over the world is a big PLUS. At least I have an excuse to travel and visit each one of them someday! XD haha!

All that pondering was actually brought about by a surprising call I had the other day. A close friend whom I haven’t heard from in years decided to give me a ring. I was instantly hyped up. Despite being sick, I jumped up from my bed the minute I heard her voice on the other line! We talked for a while and decided to meet up one of these days. =)

So yes, I guess there are some perks in having friends you’re not easily in reach with as well. The thrill of hearing from them after a period of time is always overwhelming. Plus, the meeting and catching up on eachother’s lives is an even bigger bonus! ^_,~;;