I Have Lived A Meaningful Life
Posted on: 13th of June 2005 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Each one of us live our lives, hoping that one day we will feel contented. We all crave to live a meaningful life. A life that, even if we’ve been bruised a thousands times, we still find healing and feel true happiness and love in those around us.

I was looking through my old photos, diaries and scrapbooks yesterday and I could not help the big smile left plastered on my face. I found myself feeling overjoyed because looking back at my past, I realized that I have certainly lived a meaningful life.

I have laughed ’til I cried. I have felt the love, respect and acceptance of those around me. I have danced the night away. I have travelled, visited and have set foot on a handful of beautiful places. I have made friends more than the number of stars I can count in the sky. I have made a hundred and one mistakes, but bravely faced each one to right the wrongs. I have seen the beauty of nature. I have seen the beauty of God’s works. I have been hurt and have cried ’til there were no more tears. I have stood up and have fought for what I believed was right. I have been overly depressed and have intoxicated myself with alcohol to ease the pain. I have given so much love, not just to those around me, but to myself as well. I have been a friend and have reached out to those who were in need of my hand or shoulder. I have overworked myself, but found reward in the happiness of the results. I have accepted God in my life and have served him. I have failed and have cursed life, but always found the true beauty of it afterwards.

I have lived. I have felt contentment. I am happy. I am whole.

So, if I die tomorrow I will not be disappointed. I know that my life was a meaningful one: I have lived and have loved to the best of my abilities. ^^;;

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5 Comments to “I Have Lived A Meaningful Life”

  1. Marz says:

    I agree with you. I have been so blessed in my life with my family, friends and loved ones. However, I don’t think I am as secure as saying that I could say that I would be contented if God were to call me. I guess that’s because I still think I have a lot more to learn, more than I think I could imagine. =) Hehe! But oh good you, yah? =)

  2. nikz says:

    hihi, goodie for ya, you feel content about your life and all! ^_^;;; i still think i have loads to go through… X) haha! but let’s wait till we reach the working world; i hear that brings loads of other unknown *stuff* into life! O.O;;

  3. ina says:

    Yup, that’s the only way to really live. Good for you :)

  4. ricky says:

    im impressed anna, pinangatawanan mo talaga yung title ng site mo. your blogs are very optimistic! =)

  5. louver says:

    ala ka pa rin kakupas-kupas… galing mo pa rin po… ^^