I’m A Bookworm
Posted on: 7th of June 2005 | Under: Geek Talk

People usually associate a personal trait to a certain event or experience in their past. We claim that what we are at present is the outcome of something that happened to us before. For instance, some people may claim that their enthusiasm for traveling may have been brought about by watching different shows on TV, introducing beautiful places all over the world. Some may claim that their love for writing may have been triggered after reading numerous inspirational books. Some may claim that their strong and independent personality may have been due to the number of times they’ve stood up after failing in the past.

This afternoon, I thought about my being a bookworm.I recalled the times that I would snuggle under my covers with a book in hand. I remembered spending Saturdays in the garden, reading the time away. I reminisced those afternoons in gradeschool when I would opt to burry my head between books, instead of going out to play. I was a bookworm then and I just realized that up to the present, I’m still just that.

Deep in thought, I pondered over the reason as to why I have a somewhat bizarre hype when it comes to reading books. I found myself looking back to my elementary days in ISB. Then, it dawned on me – it all started during our obligatory visits to the school library. Visiting the library for us was compulsory. In fact, it was an entire subject altogether. We were made to go there for an hour and a half every week, and I believe it was there where I grasped my love for books.

ISB had an amazing library which had a wide variety of books. I vaguely remember anticipating my library visits. I adored seeing the thousands of books on the shelves and I always had trouble picking out which book to take home. I wanted to read every single book. No, actually I wanted to own every single book! haha! I was just awestruck with the abundance of books. My previous schools before ISB lacked in the library department. They weren’t rich enough in books. In one of the schools, we weren’t even allowed to go in the library! 8-} So yes, I have to thank ISB for opening my eyes to the world of books. I have to thank ISB for making me into the bookworm that I am now.

(I’ll end this now. I’m begining to sound like I’m advertising ISB already! hehehe!)

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4 Comments to “I’m A Bookworm”

  1. Marz says:

    ISB is the International School of Brunei, right? (Sorry, I didn’t click on the link to find out.) Just wondering.. do they speak Malay there in Brunei? I never got an answer the question when I asked it to other people previously. =)

    I think that you’re right.. I think a certain event can condition a trait and vice versa. It’s nice to see that you have enthusiasm for reading. Very few do and that’s a gift on your part. =)

  2. katia says:

    i remember how my friends and i would borrow books from the library almost every single day just so we could fill up our library cards and get a new one. HAHA, kids. that was back in second grade though. afterwards, we barely spent time in the library at school because it didn’t really have much to offer.

    nakakainggit how your school had a really great one. i wish more libraries in the Philippines had a great selection and had new books coming i every so often.

  3. ina says:

    Enjoyed reading your entries. Nice thoughts :) Keep on blogging. Btw, love your layout also. Just blog-hopped my way here.

    Your fellow bookworm,

  4. bel says:

    hi anna, yeah i had to to make way for a frekin portfolio websitenag aaply kasi ako ng work nun at that time and I have to present an online portfolio so ayun ang kinalabasan – isang flash site na minadale hehehe. But anyhow, i still enjoy blogging… take care anna! don’t worry im a BIG bookworm too my current addiction: the shopaholic trilogy lolz.