No Longer a Net Addict?
Posted on: 17th of August 2005 | Under: Geek Talk

You know that you’re no longer addicted to the internet when:

  • you can let a day pass without touching the computer.
  • you don’t get excited about going home to sit in front of the computer anymore.
  • you can no longer take staying up ’til the whee hours of the morning just surfing random websites.
  • you no longer know every single detail about what’s happening in everyone’s lives.
  • you don’t glue yourself in front of the monitor checking your email every 10 minutes.
  • you don’t logon friendster everyday anymore.
  • you no longer come up with new blog layouts every week.
  • you have over one month intervals between blog posts.
  • you’re not aware that your online friends already have new blog urls or domains.
  • you find that everytime you logon LJ, you have over 5 pages worth of friends’ back posts to read.
  • you’d rather sleep or watch TV than go online.
  • you no longer blog hop for hours.
  • you no longer memorize all the Y!M emoticons shortcuts.
  • you start feeling that reading online journals is a chore.
  • you already have time to finish 3 different books in a week.
  • you find your social life in full swing.

Ahhh, come to think of it, I think I’m no longer addicted to the internet. Well, not so addicted as I used to be, that is. :)

I love life. Oh yes I do! ^_,~;;

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One Comment to “No Longer a Net Addict?”

  1. ina says:

    Oh god. I have all the symptoms. Haha. Nice to have you back :)