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Posted on: 31st of October 2005 | Under: Life & Love

I’ve always loved holloween. Not because of the fancy costumes. Not because of the sweets. Not because of the scary shows on TV either.

I love holloween, because it’s an excuse for my family and relatives to get together. We cook, eat and bond in front of the TV, or around the table playing tong-its (my mom and her sibs do this!). I also love heading off to the cemetery to visit grandpa. Never mind the crowd. Never mind the wet grass. None of those matter when you’ve got great company. =)

Hope everyone has a happy holloween this year! ^_,~;;


New layout, because I finally have some free time! Yey for my one-week break from school! =)

Oh, and did I mention that we turned 2 years on the 16th? Well, we did! ^_^

*sigh* I love love! <3

Grocery Essentials
Posted on: 4th of October 2005 | Under: Life & Love

I love doing the groceries. I get this unexplainable thrill going down each aisle and picking out items to drop into the shopping cart.

Earlier, I came up with 5 of my grocery essentials. These are the things that I always remember and never fail to buy when I’m at the groceries.

My 5 Grocery Essentials:

  1. travel pack tissue
  2. yogurt and/or yakult
  3. junk food
  4. sweets/chocolates
  5. feminine pads

What are your grocery essentials?

Almost 2 years!
Posted on: 2nd of October 2005 | Under: Life & Love

You know when they say that everyone is destined to have that one person in their life? That person that you’ll be spending your life ’til you’re old and graying? That person who’ll be there with you through the ups and downs of getting old?

Well, I already found mine. And over two years ago, even before anything romantic happened between us, I already felt it. <3