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Age Is Just A Number
Posted on: 4th of November 2005 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Age is just a number, they say. But, why is it that at 22, the reality of being old is already sinking into my system?

Earlier this evening I found out that a friend just gave birth. The other day I found out that my cousin’s wife gave birth too. In addition to those I have another friend who gave birth 2 months ago and another one who’s about to give birth next month. I practically grew up with these people and the news of them already starting their own families slapped me hard on the face. A definite wake up call that we have indeed grown up.

I was reading through the friendster blog of someone I used to babysit not so long ago. She was only a year old when I would play and take care of her. It was all about toys, laughing and playing with her. Now she’s about 11 years old and all she seems to be blogging and talking about is boys. It’s just a bit surprising at how fast time flies. One day it’s about barbie dolls and the next it’s already about boys.

I, myself have definitely grown up. Gone are the days when I would play cubby house with my sister. Gone are the days when I would spend hours on the phone with my friends talking about nothing but boys. Gone are the days when all I ever had to worry about was how to impress boys. Yes, those days are gone.

I’m now at the age where what matters is how to pursue a career that will be the pillar of my future. I’m now at the age where my future family is something that’s already ringing in my ears.

In a few years time, I know I will fall into deep thought about my life again. I won’t be 22 by that time anymore, but I do hope that I’ll be happy and successful in what I am doing. I am happy where I am right now and I just hope that my happiness will be doubled when that time comes. =)

Sketching in Charcoal
Posted on: 2nd of November 2005 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

I’ve never really been into using charcoal for sketching. I hated the mess it’d leave on my fingers. I never really knew how to handle the dark and heavy strokes it made either. I always feared that I wouldn’t be able to control my tonal values.

But, because of my sudden desire to draw this afternoon (plus the privilege of being able to stay home), I finally faced my fears. I rummaged through my art stuff, took out my charcoal pencil and one of my old sketchbooks. And as soon as I dusted off the accumulated dust from my sketchbook (I haven’t touched it in almost 4 years!), I sat myself and began to draw.

After almost 2 hours of smudging and getting my fingers all black, I ended up with this (click on the image for a bigger view). I pretty much surprised myself! I was looking through my old sketchbooks and I must say that my sketches have improved a great deal. And considering that it’s my first time to use charcoal again (after 5 years?), I am pretty proud of the drawing. =) Even the hair, which, I’m honest to say, is not at all my forte, turned out better than I espected. ^^;;

Now I’m even more enthusiastic in learning and improving my sketches with the use of charcoal! =)

Doodling in Restaurants
Posted on: 1st of November 2005 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

This is what I do while waiting for food in Friday’s. I doodle. Thank you to the crayons they leave on the table. Thank you to the paper placemats. ^^;;

The only disadvantage of doodling on placemats is that when my food finally arrives, I always take my doodle away and eat without a placemat! haha!

I miss drawing. I should really take the time to draw once and a while. I think I may already be losing my touch.