Age Is Just A Number
Posted on: 4th of November 2005 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Age is just a number, they say. But, why is it that at 22, the reality of being old is already sinking into my system?

Earlier this evening I found out that a friend just gave birth. The other day I found out that my cousin’s wife gave birth too. In addition to those I have another friend who gave birth 2 months ago and another one who’s about to give birth next month. I practically grew up with these people and the news of them already starting their own families slapped me hard on the face. A definite wake up call that we have indeed grown up.

I was reading through the friendster blog of someone I used to babysit not so long ago. She was only a year old when I would play and take care of her. It was all about toys, laughing and playing with her. Now she’s about 11 years old and all she seems to be blogging and talking about is boys. It’s just a bit surprising at how fast time flies. One day it’s about barbie dolls and the next it’s already about boys.

I, myself have definitely grown up. Gone are the days when I would play cubby house with my sister. Gone are the days when I would spend hours on the phone with my friends talking about nothing but boys. Gone are the days when all I ever had to worry about was how to impress boys. Yes, those days are gone.

I’m now at the age where what matters is how to pursue a career that will be the pillar of my future. I’m now at the age where my future family is something that’s already ringing in my ears.

In a few years time, I know I will fall into deep thought about my life again. I won’t be 22 by that time anymore, but I do hope that I’ll be happy and successful in what I am doing. I am happy where I am right now and I just hope that my happiness will be doubled when that time comes. =)

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6 Comments to “Age Is Just A Number”

  1. ina says:

    Oh, nice new layout :) Yeah being 20 plus makes you realize how time flies by so fast noh? Parang kailan lang all we cared about is homework… now, we have work. *shudder* You have to admit, it’s a joy though… no matter how much of a pain it is to grow up, it’s still fun :) TC.

  2. Marz says:

    Funny, I was reading something similar to this in Eden’s blog (and I think that you noted it there too) and I was thinking about it earlier today. Funny when you are a kid you are given the impression that you have all of your life to live and that being 100 is still being a long way to go.

    When you’re a 20 something you are looming closer and closer to the things that your parents went through. Rather, the "big people" went through. It takes a while to realize that we’re "big people" as well. =) Life aint all that long, but it doesn’t mean that one can’t make it good. =) Take care!

  3. nikz says:

    oh no… and then we’ll start relating to our parents more and then may prove the fact that you’re *exactly* like them – nooOOooOOoo!! XDDD

    but indeed, it’s really funny, seeing how we’ve "grown" … nung nasa mayumi pa tayo, we’re all talking about our ex’s and potential crushes – and now that we’re taken – my gosh, how we’ve grown! XD time flies so fast O___O

  4. charles says:

    nice layout you got here

  5. clarence says:

    wonderful writing as usual.

    that made me think about my age too. few months from now, I’ll be turning 20! time sure flies fast.

  6. clarence says:

    Still no updates? Hmm… you must be really busy huh. Anyway, I’ve moved to a new domain Anna. Now (yup, my nickname is Dan). see ya around.