A Need to Get Away
Posted on: 17th of April 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie

I’ve had to deal with so much stress lately: the last few days of school and family dealings too. All I need right now is to get away Away from everything. Away from everyone.

A trip to a secluded beach would do. Maybe even a couple of days somewhere I’ve never been to. I’m not going to worry about finding a job yet. I know I’m not being pressured by anyone anyway. I will just take my sweet time to get some rest and to have fun.

Road trip, anyone?

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5 Comments to “A Need to Get Away”

  1. j ig says:

    are you sure you’re not being pressure by anyone ;;) hehehehehehehe.. mwahahahahhhahaha! =þ

  2. Marz says:

    Where I am right now, the beach is just half an hour away, but my friends and I just go there if we want to do some late-night drinking. We’re nuts that way.

    But yes, to get away from it all would be wonderful. =)

  3. nikz says:

    road trip! sama ako! hehehe ;p CONGRATS on your graduation!!!!! i was wondering where you went hihihi ;p missed you!! what else is the chika-hations there? XD

  4. anna says:

    @ j ig: hahaha! yes, my dear! i think you’re the only one pressuring me! :P hahaha! i ♥ you! XD

    @ marz: oooh! a night out at the beach for some drinks! my kind of getaway! XP hahaha!

    @ nikz: i missed you!!! when are you coming back here?!?! we need another starbucks escapade. =P hehe! how are you na??? :D

  5. Angeli says:

    Hai. You deserve rest! Good luck! ^_^

    Gah. I want a vacation too.