One Fun Night
Posted on: 25th of May 2006 | Under: Life & Love

Throughout the many years I’ve been blogging and making personal websites (almost 7 years!), I’ve already made quite a number of online friends. But, among the long list, I’ve only actually met a handful.

I love meeting new people and I get thrilled at just the thought of seeing all my online friends. But, most of those I’ve met in person were actually just accidental meetings. Bumping into them at the mall, at a restaurant, or even just seeing them from a distance. Rarely do I make actual plans of meeting up and getting together with anyone.

That’s why when I got a meesage from an online friend that he was in town, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and planned for a dinner date.

Wanna know who I met up with?

Oh yes, that’s Jigz! I know he’s going to kill me for posting this! haha!

JR and I met up with him, his girlfriend and his friend for dinner last night, and he actually treated us! Thanks, Jigz! Anyway, it was a fun night. It was short, but it was definitely better than not seeing him at all.

And because I believe pictures speak better than words…

Dinner at Gerry’s Grill, Glorietta 2
Jigz, Vani, Joey, me and JR
Jigz and his <3
Starbucks before heading home.
Couple pic! I look too happy! haha!

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9 Comments to “One Fun Night”

  1. -g- says:

    hi anna!

    i love your blogs! you inspire me. keep on blogging so i can keep on reading.=)

  2. Marz says:

    That’s so fun. I remember our time when we met up.

    I met one of my blogger friends when I moved to Singapore, because we ended up being school mates, hehe! Now we’re somewhat close. Amazing what the internet can do. =)

  3. anna says:

    @ G: Hey, dear! I didn’t know that you read my blog! Thanks! Hugs to Aiji baby! And see you soon! :)

    @ Marz: I still remember the caterpillar!!! hehe! Yes, the wonders of the internet! I mean, look at JR and I… who would’ve thought! hehe! I’m glad you’re really enjoying in Singapore. You know you deserve it! ^_^;;

  4. Chrissy says:

    Hi Ate Anna! Of course I still remember you!!! :) We were Kuya Carlo’s hostees right? :) Ako rin, kala ko wala ka na blog cos portfolio mo na lang yung nakita ko the last time I visited your site :) Anyway, miss na kita!!! :) Nice to know you’re still blogging :) TC!

  5. Marz says:

    Happy berfday to you! You were born in a zoo (not really), you smell like a monkey (well, when I met you, you smelled like you took a fresh bath) and you act like one too (well, we kinda did, when we met up, didn’t we? XD). LOL!

    Have a great one, dear!

  6. clarence/dan says:

    Sweet. Must have been fun.

    I remember meeting you once. lol. with Nikz and Aissa.

    Anyway, happy birthday!!!

  7. nikz says:

    WHEEEEE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY ANNA GIRRRRRRRLLLL!!!!! i hope you have a blast today!!!! *HUGS*

    lol EB EB’s!!!!! so much fun!! ^_^;;; i just knew it was jigz, coz jr said you guys met up ;p haha! yaman naman ni manong hahaha … nanlilibre pa talaga XD man!!! looks like a few people on this page remember that EB day … LOL!! and i remember i tried to surprise you from behind at starbucks, lol! *reading entries above* dang, i almost forgot you and jr met online ;p tagal nyo kasing magkasama eh! XD hihihi … take care, missy! XD God bless ^.^

  8. Zet says:

    Happy birthday! :)

  9. jigz says:


    it was such a great night! wish we had more time to talk and do crazy stunts but yeah im back here in toronto now…sad… so dark! what the?!! i can never forgive you for this!