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I Finally Switched!
Posted on: 29th of June 2006 | Under: Geek Talk

Oh yes! Today my mom finally got me a MacBook! :) It’s sort of a late birthday slash early graduation (I graduate this Saturday!) gift from everyone. No more fighting with my sister for the family pc. No more pleading with my brother to get my hands on his Ibook. No more invading my mother’s laptop late at night. :) Haha! I’m in love! <3

Thank you BPI madness for your wonderful promo! Thank you Rockwell’s Apple Center for calling as soon as your stocks arrived. Wheee! XD

I shall now go back to enjoying my new toy. ^_^

Boredom at Work Equals Vanity on Cam
Posted on: 19th of June 2006 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

The luxury of working fast and finishing things right away at the office is being able to take vanity breaks. Haha! I can’t stand being idle, so I always end up bugging everyone to give me extra work. Today I ended up fixing the network connections of the computers: something that I actually knew very little about! But at the end, I did get to make the connections work. :)

On other days, when there really isn’t anything else for me to do, I do one of the things I know best – I camwhore! =p Haha! Anything to save me from boredom, really. The photo above is just me testing out the camera’s setting.

And because this is turning into a sensless blog, I shall go and snuggle under my covers. =)

Toilet Blab
Posted on: 14th of June 2006 | Under: Entertainment


I have this odd habit of checking out the restroom of every restaurant I eat in. I run to the little girls room, even if I don’t really need to go at all. It must be the Interior Designer in me. =P

The photo above was taken inside the restroom of Pasha, Greenbelt 3. I just couldn’t resist the urge of checking it out during dinner last night! Mediterranean design mostly consists of intricate details and is something that I may call as over-decorated, but I liked the simplicity in Pasha’s restroom. I even thought it was cozy enough to hang out in! Haha!

Mediterranean cuisine is something that I love, and I definitely enjoyed Pasha’s dishes last night. I will surely come back for more food… and for the restroom too. =P

For the Love of Pink
Posted on: 9th of June 2006 | Under: Life & Love

Roses and chocolates are the most common gifts girls get during Valentine’s day. But my boyfriend, spoiling me as usual, opted to skip all that and bought me a new cellphone instead. =P

My phone turns 4 months next week! :)