Boredom at Work Equals Vanity on Cam
Posted on: 19th of June 2006 | Under: Artsy Fartsy

The luxury of working fast and finishing things right away at the office is being able to take vanity breaks. Haha! I can’t stand being idle, so I always end up bugging everyone to give me extra work. Today I ended up fixing the network connections of the computers: something that I actually knew very little about! But at the end, I did get to make the connections work. :)

On other days, when there really isn’t anything else for me to do, I do one of the things I know best – I camwhore! =p Haha! Anything to save me from boredom, really. The photo above is just me testing out the camera’s setting.

And because this is turning into a sensless blog, I shall go and snuggle under my covers. =)

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11 Comments to “Boredom at Work Equals Vanity on Cam”

  1. Angeli says:

    it’s a delight to the senses so vanity breaks of you are goood. =P

  2. Aravis says:

    My friends and I take lots of vanity breaks. We are so vain, indeed! :D

    I love the effect on that picture, especially how the cellphone stands out.

  3. Marz says:

    I second on how I love how the phone stands out. And your lips too! Hehe!

    Vanity breaks are awesome. You should try the Adobe Lightbox on the Macs, if you happen upon an Apple shop there! Total vanity moments.. with an ironic twist. Pun intended. =P

  4. Marz says:

    Goodness, did I say “Lightbox”? Or was it “Photobooth”? Eh, I have no idea. I’m a PC user. (AutoCAD, you know.) Hehe!
    Again, nice vanity moment there! =D

  5. Peter says:

    I’m certain you came out of the covers the following day with a fresh face. I’m optimistic myself.

  6. anna says:

    @ Angeli: Definitely! :)

    @ Aravis: yeah, that’s thanks to the features of my canon. :)

    @ Marz: haha! My sibs and I were actually at the mall last Sunday and we passed by Apple Center. We had fun playing around with Adobe Photobooth! We were laughing so much that I think we scared the other customers! haha! Oh, sepaking of Macs, the new Macs can now run Windows! So AutoCAD is now possible with a Mac! :) I’m getting a MacBook (hopefully!!!) before the end of the month. Will confirm if AutoCAD really does work on it. =P

    @ Peter: Yey to optimism! ^_,~;;

  7. jigz says:

    i still can’t believe that phone is so cheap in philippines. should have listened to my girlfriend when she told me to buy thereee…ahhh the agony in me is overwhelming…i hate you razr!!

  8. toni says:

    what camera did you use? great settings!.:)
    and so sweet of your boyfriend to give you a PINK phone..he does indeed know what makes you happy.:D

    link exchange?

  9. anna says:

    @ Jigz: Haha! Still can’t get over it, noh? =P That’s what you get for being hypnotized by the bloody display. Mwahaha! =P

    @ Toni: I use a Canon Ixus 750. And yeah, he knows how much i adore pink. =) Linked you back! :)

  10. Laarni says:

    hehe. i AM a retired camwhore.
    geez, pink phone?
    my man naman wears pink braces-rubbers kasi i love pink daw.

    Rawr for camwhores!!

  11. Guia says:

    Anna! I love your phone!!! I want one!!!