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The life of a jobless Interior Designer =P
Posted on: 30th of July 2006 | Under: Geek Talk

The wonderful thing about not working is being able to loaf around and do anything as I please.

Since we got back from Singapore, I’ve been doing a lot of lazing. Sleeping in has no longer been a luxury. I love not having to drag myself early out of bed for a busy day at the office.

Most of my days have been spent sleeping in and going online as soon as I wake up.


But being on the computer almost the entire day doesn’t really mean that I’ve just been aimlessly surfing around. Well yes, I have been spending a considerable amount of time downloading stuff, watching funny videos on youtube, and bouncing from one site to another. But really, most of the time I look around for jobs, or fiddle around with AutoCAD. I do get bored (like mad!) and I am hoping to find the right job for me SOON.

Warning: Quite a lot of photos under the cut.


An Attempt to Narrate our Singapore Escapade
Posted on: 19th of July 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie

The lack of detailed updates in here was due to the vacation JR and I had in Singapore. We were too busy having fun that it was just right to get away from our online lives for a while. =P But I did miss this, so let me try to let you all in on the wonderful time we had. ^_^

It was a 10-day escapade full of shopping, sight seeing, eating, taking pictures and meeting up with people. The main reason why we planned the trip was to be present at Cecilia (my ever dearest friend/sister whom I haven’t seen for 7 years!) and Dinesh’s Registration of Marriage.

We met up with the couple the 2nd night we were there and had the best time talking, dancing and getting drunk (ok, I got drunk) on Vodka. =P Imissed my sis so much and seeing her again was just overwhelming! :)

A picture of the four of us looking too happy… =P


Warning: This post is image-heavy, so be patient while everything loads. :)


IKEA is ♥
Posted on: 16th of July 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie


@ the food area in IKEA, Singapore

The whole place was definitely for people like me who gets thrilled at the sight of towels, lamps, furniture, or anything for the home. I just wish everything I saw could fit into my luggage! =P

I don’t want to leave Singapore yet, but we fly back to Manila tomorrow (I mean later). :(

Singapore, at last! =)
Posted on: 8th of July 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie


Daytime at Clarke Quay