An Attempt to Narrate our Singapore Escapade
Posted on: 19th of July 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie

The lack of detailed updates in here was due to the vacation JR and I had in Singapore. We were too busy having fun that it was just right to get away from our online lives for a while. =P But I did miss this, so let me try to let you all in on the wonderful time we had. ^_^

It was a 10-day escapade full of shopping, sight seeing, eating, taking pictures and meeting up with people. The main reason why we planned the trip was to be present at Cecilia (my ever dearest friend/sister whom I haven’t seen for 7 years!) and Dinesh’s Registration of Marriage.

We met up with the couple the 2nd night we were there and had the best time talking, dancing and getting drunk (ok, I got drunk) on Vodka. =P Imissed my sis so much and seeing her again was just overwhelming! :)

A picture of the four of us looking too happy… =P


Warning: This post is image-heavy, so be patient while everything loads. :)

We also met up with a number of other people.

We stayed with Jeff almost our entire trip. He was nice enough to let us bunk in the extra room in his flat. He also took us out to see the city and we walked around almost an entire day just so we could familiarize ourselves with the place. :) Thanks, Jeff! :)


Then of course, what’s a trip to Singapore without seeing Marz, yeah? ^^;; We met up with her at Starbucks, in Paragon, Orchard. Starbucks has always been pretty meaningful for the two of us (and Nikz too), because it was at a Starbucks in Makati where all 3 of us first met in person. XP We had a chat over coffee and lunch-dinner before heading off to another mall to check out Macs. =P


We also had dinner with April Zara and her mom at a Thai restaurant. It was a last minute thing, really. We were out shopping along Orchard and it just so happened that they were also in the area. They treated us for both dinner and dessert (gawd, the dessert was just too good!) and dropped us back home too. :)


We spent 2 and a half days in the city just shopping. We weren’t even planning to go on a shopping spree, but it was The Great Singapore Sale and we just couldn’t help ourselves! Who can ignore a Sale anyway, right? Right. =P haha! We went home with bags of shirts, shoes, havs, perfume, goodies for my MacBook, a laptop for JR and a lot of other things. =P We’re kinda broke now though! Haha!

Vanity doesn’t stop even if I’m shopping. I think this photo can prove that.=P haha!


It was only on our 5th and 6th day when we actually became real tourists and ran around the city.

We walked around Kampong Glam and ate at a side-walk restaurant.


We took a lot of photos at The Esplanade before heading off to The Merlion Park.


We also headed off to China Town and took quite a lot of artsy-pantsy shots there. =P


I even allowed myself to get real close and to pose with an alligator at The Night Safari. It was a wooden alligator though. =P


There was also a lot of time for some emo posing while we were acting all tourist-y. Like this shot of me on the rooftop of The Esplanade.


And this one at Sentosa. Hahaha! There were a lot more of these, but I won’t post them to save your eyes from burning. LOL!


Did I also mention that we ate A LOT? Well, we did! Roti prata, kway teow, chicken rice, mee goreng, beef rendang, satay, dimsum, roast duck, thai cuisine, kfc, mickey dees, a lot of ice cream and a lot more of iced tea (iced milk tea). I’m sure I gained a couple of pounds!

This was taken at RAS, Clarke Quay. Indian Cuisine is just love! *burp*


Of course, the highlight of the entire trip was Cecilia’s ROM. Lisa came too, so it was nice seeing 3/4 of the Four Sisters reunited after 7 years! I missed these 2 so much and it would’ve really been more fun if Gina came too. :(

Nothing much has changed between the 3 of us and we are still all perky as ever. :) Seeing Cecilia getting married was overwhelming and Lisa and I were discretely in tears throughout the ceremony. We’re just so happy for the first sister to get married!


It was great spending time with my sisters and our other halves (Lisa’s Mike, Cil’s Dee, and my JR). ^^;;


A lot of fun moments, including this captured one where the newly weds were foolishly dancing around a tree – just like in those old Indian movies!!! Mwahaha! It was a total laughtrip! The whole night was just too much fun that I miss them already!


But yeah, the fun had to end when we had to fly back home. :( We miss Singapore, but we promise to come back soon!


We took quite a lot of photos during the entire trip. Over 1,200+++ pics, actually. These are pretty much just sneak previews of everything. I will post more on my multiply, once I figure out which ones to post! Hahaha!

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25 Comments to “An Attempt to Narrate our Singapore Escapade”

  1. Marz says:

    Oh my gosh, this was such an awesome update! Haha! And your photo didn’t turn out blurred, you’re so lucky. =) I love the goofy shot in Sentosa — that’s got to be my fave shot! So cute!

    You seemed like you had an awesome time with JR and I’m glad it was a memorable experience for you. I cannot forget you holding the tourist map and getting GST refunds. I can no longer do that, haha!

  2. anna says:

    @ Marz: I enjoyed goofing around in front of the camera! haha! Oh, and it’s been ages since I last travelled, so I was totally enjoying walking around with my map and looking like a real tourist! Really!!! hahaha! :O)

  3. Dan says:

    Wow. I can really see that you had fun! And the shopping! Haha, even a guy won’t be able to resist buying stuff here(do I sound guilty? lol).

    As for Coldplay, my, it was sold-out online but they were actually selling tics at the Stadium gate! Too bad you weren’t able to go.

    Quite sad too that we didn’t get to meet! But there’s always next time. :-) Tc!

  4. anna says:

    @ Dan: Yeah, April was texting you, but she said you had problems receiving the messages. Oh well, next time it is! :)

  5. toni says:

    wow..super i missed your entries!:D
    okay lang ma broke! siguro ganon din ako…
    it’s not everyday you go to singapore with your boyfriend and be there and have the chance to do anything you want in the city!:)
    inggit ako!:D
    super saya mo siguro!

  6. nikz says:

    wheeeee so much fun!!! i love your goofy shots!! hahaha ;p it would be nice if we all toured around a completely unknown country and got lost for ourselves, noh? ;p hahaha!

    show us the stuff you shopped for! i wanna see!! hehehe XD

  7. anna says:

    @ Toni: Yeah, the whole trip was definitely great! I miss walking around the street and acting all tourist-y! heheh! =)

    @ Nikz: I’d love to go out and get lost at an unknown city! Adventure! hehe! I’ll post my shopping finds soon. Both our digicams are sick in the service center, so I can’t take pics at the mo. :(

  8. anna says:

    @ Toni: Yeah, the whole trip was definitely great! I miss walking around the street and acting all tourist-y! hehe! ^_,~;;

    @ Nikz: I’d love to go out and get lost at an unknown city! Adventure! hehe! I’ll post my shopping finds soon. Both our digicams are sick in the service center, so I can’t take pics at the mo. :(

  9. Rick says:

    gosh, that’s so sweet! travelling, just the two of you :)

  10. Guia says:

    wow :) so sweet! you travelled just the two of you? how lucky! =)

  11. nike says:

    great photos !

  12. Ate Grace says:

    Hi Anna! para na ring akong pumunta ng Singapore just by reading your blog and looking at the pics. :D and the best of all, nakita mo ulit friends mo. hayyy, i miss my friends. :( take care!

  13. psyche says:

    hey anna. just returning the visit. this is the reason why I wanna go to Singapore. you seem to have a lot of fun there! =)

  14. anna says:

    @ Rick: =)

    @ Guia: Yep, just the two of us. :)

    @ Nike: Thanks!

    @ Ate Grace: I know! I had so much fun! ^^;; hehe! Take care din! :)

    @ Psyche: Yeah, Singapore is great! :)

  15. celia says:

    hi sweetie…
    dee and i are so glad u and jr came…wouldnt have been complete without the both of u seriously…its good me, u and lease finally got to spend some much a needed time with each other…come back to brunei in september k?ill be there, its time we hung with gina too. hehehe love u sis!!!! come back to spore anytime, i promise not to get u drunk again. hehehe xoxo love to jr now…

  16. jozzua says:

    Wow. Nice pics. The one at Sentosa is particularly simple and eye-catching.

  17. Rye!?! says:

    hi aning! remember me? wow, it’s been a loong time =D how you been?

  18. anna says:

    @ Celia: I miss you and Dee, sis! We had such a fab time over there. Will see you again soon, k? =) Mwah! Love you!

    @ Jozzua: Thanks!

    @ Rye: Hey!!! It’s been ages! I’ve been good. WHat have you been up to? Still blogging? :) Oh, and it’s annings, btw. =P hehe!

  19. gail says:

    wow anna! a 10 day vacation with someone you love! inggit!

    glad you had fun! you obviously did, hehe!

    and man, shopping in singapore. must’ve caused a huge dent in the wallet but who cares? you’re happy! HAHAHA!

  20. anna says:

    @ gail: Oh yes, I had way too much fun! :) hehehe! I’m broke, but I’m happy! ^_^ haha!

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  22. Izzah T says:



    *runs to her friendster*

  23. Sesso says:


  24. […] Our Singapore Trip was probably the highlight of 2006. Ten days spent with JR, sight-seeing, shopping and meeting up with my dear friends. It was one big adventure that definitely tops all the adventures that we’ve had as a couple. <3 […]

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