Hello, World! I’m officially ready for you now!
Posted on: 2nd of July 2006 | Under: Life & Love


Yesterday officially marked the end of college life for me. I had been anxiously anticipating it since classes ended back in April, and walking up on stage to receive my diploma (well, temporary diploma) truly left me overwhelmed. Plus, graduating with honors and having my medal pinned on my toga just made everything more wonderful. :)

It took a while for me to get to where I am now, and the ride was surely not all smooth-sailing. I did 3 semesters at an all-girls college before realizing that I was at a wrong school. A total waste of time, a few people have said, but I seriously beg to differ. I believe my experience in that school prepared me to what I was really meant for. It made me realize what I really wanted for myself and gave me the strength to just go for it. Transferring to my beloved PSID for my majors was the best thing ever and I actually enjoyed the 2 years worth of hard work. Going to CSB after for my minor subjects was another great and fulfilling experience, because it helped me test my abilities to the fullest.

A little over 5 years in College, and I must say that it was one helluva ride. I guess it’s finally time for me to face the real world and to embrace everything that it has to offer me. ^_^

* Crappy camphone shot, because our Canon Ixus 750 died on us after mom and I accidentally dropped it after the graduation! :( How unlucky, I tell you! It’s not even a month old. o_O;; We bought it because our old Canon Power Shot S50 died on us about 2 months ago, and we never got around to getting it fixed. They’re both off to the Service Center tomorrow morning.

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15 Comments to “Hello, World! I’m officially ready for you now!”

  1. Marz says:

    Congratulations on your graduation.. and congratulations on graduating with honours! That is super awesome! =D =D *cheers*

  2. Ederic says:

    Congratulations! :)

  3. Laarni says:

    so kelan ka mag-aaply? hehehe. Congrats! :D

  4. Ate Grace says:

    Hi Anna! Congratulations! Welcome to the real world! Welcome to the workforce! well, nakamaternity leave ako ngayon kaya stay-at-home-mom muna ako until december. :D

    I noticed you already linked me. thanks thanks! Hindi ko pa pinapamalita kasi Im still working on it but yeah it’s up and running. :D

    again, congratz! bilib ako sayo!

  5. Angeli says:


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  7. xienah says:

    napadaan lang po

  8. toni says:

    rough ride nga!:)
    if you don’t mind my asking how much yung tuituon sa PSID?….I’ve been hearing that school a lot, and I’m thinking of recommending it to my friend..tchka location narin.tnx!

    you made us all proud!, with medals pa ah! hehe..:D galing galing!

  9. anna says:

    @ Marz: Thanks, dear! :)

    @ Ederic: Salamat!

    @ Laari: When I get back from my 9-day vacation. =P hehe! Thanks!

    @ Grace: ate! I missed you! Materniti leave? Another one on the way? =) Wheeeeeee! Congratulations!!! :)

    @ Angeli: Thankies! :)

  10. anna says:

    @ Toni: Tuition at PSID? Well, when I was there (I graduated Nov. 2004), it was around P15,000 per term (4 terms per year). Plus you also have to keep in mind the final exhibit at the end (it serves as the final thesis) where you have to design an actual area to be exhibited. That can cost quite a lot, so yeah. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing that tuition has increased since I was there. :) Hope this hellped. And, thanks! :)

  11. Marz says:

    You’re flying here this Friday? How long will you be in Singapore?
    So many people are coming to Singapore! My dad, you and I just found out an hour ago.. my best friend from the UK! Party! =P LOL! Can’t wait to see you!

  12. Miko says:

    Congratulations, Ate Anna!

  13. anna says:

    @ Marz: Yep, we fly in tonight (7th). :) We’re staying until the 16th, so we hope to see you! =) Wheee!

    @ Miko: Thanks, dear! ^_^

  14. toni says:

    ateasa singapore ka pala!:P
    uwi ka na agad ha? hehe…
    update na!:D

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