IKEA is ♥
Posted on: 16th of July 2006 | Under: Travel Junkie


@ the food area in IKEA, Singapore

The whole place was definitely for people like me who gets thrilled at the sight of towels, lamps, furniture, or anything for the home. I just wish everything I saw could fit into my luggage! =P

I don’t want to leave Singapore yet, but we fly back to Manila tomorrow (I mean later). :(

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6 Comments to “IKEA is ♥”

  1. Marz says:

    I love how IKEA is affordable and you have no problem matching things. I guess I have grown used to it and can no longer stand seeing those things. But for the price and for things that don’t “really” look like they came from IKEA, it’s still good.

    Ah, the food. SOOOOOOOO good!
    I’m so glad that you enjoyed yourself in Singapore. =) I’m happy for you both! Have a nice flight and take care!

  2. toni says:

    wow naman…..:)
    sino ba kasama mo magpunta diyan?

  3. Rey says:

    Great that you enjoyed your stay here, Anna. :)

  4. celia says:

    come back here sis!!!! we miss u already!!!! i am so glad u guys came…dont forget to send me the pics yeah? feel free to post them online..i dont mind…love and miss u heaps..see u again in sept in brunei…it’s lisa’s turn!!!! hehehe

  5. anna says:

    @ Marz: I miss the food! I ate so much the day before we left that I couldn’t sleep during the night. I was running in and out of the bathroom with a bad tummy! hahaha! =P

    @ Toni: I was with JR. :)

    @ Rey: I miss you guys too!!! :( I’ll post the pics soon. We have like 1,000+++ pics from our trip thatI don’t know which to post!!! hehehe! Congratulations again, sis. We’re so happy for you and Dee. :) Love ya! *hugs*

  6. toni says:

    upd8 na! :P

    new website dearie: http://antonia.defaultmode.org pls change my link. thanks!