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Ecstasy on a Plate
Posted on: 14th of August 2006 | Under: Palate Pleaser

Being exposed to numerous different cultures while my family lived in another country gave us the opportunity to try out and appreciate various delicacies. From Asian palates of Malay, Thai and Vietnamese, to those of French and Mediterranean, among others.

From the variety of flavors, I have to say that Indian is one of my favorites. There’s something about its distinct tang and aroma that makes my mouth water, even with just the thought of it.

During the weekend, I took JR and Andrea to an appetizing palate adventure. Andrea, who was back in Manila after studying in Canada for 2 years, was craving for Indian cuisine. I thought it was just perfect, because I had been craving for the same taste since our last Indian dinner in Singapore.

We thought about going to Bollywood in Greenbelt 3, but decided otherwise because we didn’t want an overly commercialized restaurant. Then I remembered a small kitchen hidden among offices along Rada St. in Makati (my brother brought us to dinner there 2 years ago, I think) that served Indian cuisine, prepared as-you-order by the owner herself – SWAGAT!


Our adventure started as soon as we entered its door.


Another Reunion with Old Friends
Posted on: 10th of August 2006 | Under: Life & Love

Living majority of my teenage years in a different country from where I am now has quite a lot of disadvantages. For one, all of my closest friends are scattered all over the world, making it quite difficult for me to find someone to run to when I need comforting. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a handful of really wonderful friends in the country right now (the boyfriend included), but really, there’s truly nothing like being with old friends.

Another disadvantage is seeing other people with their own set of barkadas, and being envious that they have friends they can hang out with anytime they want. I get jealous of my sister when she hangs out with her Highschool buddies, because it makes me miss Brunei even more.

But if there are disadvantages, of course there are definitely some advantages too. Like having the perfect excuse of flying off to another country to see one of your friends get married. Waiting almost 7 years just to see each other again made everything more wonderful.

And there’s also the opportunity of organizing reunions everytime old friends fly into the country.

Last month, on the day we arrived back from Singpaore, I had to rush off to ATC for a mini-reunion with some people. Two of my guy friends were in the country on vacation, and even if I was exhausted from my flight, I went to see them anyway. Jeremy and Tan treated the bunch to a late night dinner at Sinangag Express.

Cheap food + great company = fun!

The only picture of the night: Michelle, Marck, Jeremy, Amador, Tan, my sis and me.


Then last Friday was another reunion, because Matet (who’s getting married next month!) was in the country to fix some papers. She had to leave early, and because I arrived late I only got to see her for 10 minutes. I still enjoyed coffee with the rest who stayed. No pictures of the night, because I was too tired to take pictures.

Another opportunity to get together happened when I got a text message from Sean (who’s actually the first-bf-slash-ex) that he and his girlfriend were on vacation in Manila.


A Need to Start Eating Healthy Again
Posted on: 4th of August 2006 | Under: Palate Pleaser

Staying at home almost everyday has altered my eating habit drastically. Gone are the days when I could last a whole week (even a few months!) of going rice-free. Gone are the days when I could resist without hesitation even just a bite of sinful chips or a slice of some scrumptious cake. Gone are the days when I would be heartily satisfied with a small portion of meat with vegies, or a simple tuna sandwich.

I have lost discipline over my taste buds. I have lost discipline over temptation.

And because of my unhealthy eating for the past few months, it was definitely not a surprise to start feeling my thighs suffocating beneath a couple of my jeans that are now about a half size too small. Even a double chin is starting to develop!

So in hopes of attempting to get back into shape, I promised myself to eat healthy today.

I had a light breakfast of toast, then prepared myself a sandwich for lunch. I enjoyed every bite of each meal.

Dinner was delicious (and healthy!) because I grilled myself some chicken breasts and had it with salad on the side.


My plan was going perfectly well, until I had a crazy idea of whipping out my spatula and baking tray. One thing led to another, and the next thing I know is that I had baked and filled up an entire jar of double chunky chocolate chip cookies!


With that crazy idea, I had broken my plan for the day. I must’ve already had about 4 cookies, but even if it’s already past midnight, my feet are itching for me to walk to the kitchen to grab a couple more! 8-}

Oh Lords! Tomorrow, I promise not to make any more promises about going on a diet.