Book Fair Splurge
Posted on: 4th of September 2006 | Under: Geek Talk


The yearly Manila International Book Fair is something that no bookworm would dare to miss. I had been talking quite a lot about it, even a few weeks prior to the actual event, but I figured I’d let it pass this year since I was flat broke. My bank account has just seen too much shopping in the last few months.

But lucky enough, the ever wonderful boyfriend took pity on me and treated me to a book shopping spree. I know, I am forever spoilt by that boy! :)

A semi-detailed info about my four picks:

  1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon – I’ve been eyeing this book for some time. Hearing and reading some wonderful reviews about it made me even want it more. With its mathematical and analytical tone, I’m sure it’ll be an interesting read. I also read somewhere that a movie version is coming out soon.
  2. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris – Another book with some promising reviews. I can’t wait to start reading it and enjoy laughing ’til my sides hurt. Reviews have been commending about the author’s wonderful sense of humor.
  3. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger – I chose this because I need girly-girl books like this once in a while. I’m a lover of fashion, makeup, shoes and all the girly stuff, so I knew I just had to read it. On top of that, I want to see the movie too. I’ve always been one to enjoy book versions more than movie versions (The Da Vinci Code being an example), and I knew I just had to read the book before actually seeing it on the big screen. I finished reading it last night, and actually liked it. I just hope the movie is good too.
  4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – This book has been on my wishlist for years! I’ve been searching for it for as long as I can remember, and apparently I wasn’t alone. Tina had been dying to get it for ages as well, and she was beyond ecstatic when she surprisingly came across it in a local bookstore. Thanks to her little tip, I finally got my copy too! I’m almost half way through it, and I just can’t seem to put it down.

Now, that’s four down my book wishlist, and over a hundred more to go! =P

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9 Comments to “Book Fair Splurge”

  1. Marz says:

    Great picks.. well, I’m not really into girly books (the girliest I get is Alice Steinbach’s “Without Reservations” and “Educating Alice”) so I’m kinda overlooking #2, hehe! But I heard that #1 is really good. =) Tell us if it’s good yeah? =)

    Also, great one for #4. =)

    Gotta love great boyfriends, eh? =)

  2. Marz says:

    Oh dear, I meant #3, not #2. My apologies. Take care! =)

  3. toni says:

    how sweet..:) kuya JR nga naman oh.:D
    i missed the book fair..too bad..

    anyway, i need your advice..
    password is toni07

    latest entry. thanksÜ

  4. Tina says:

    You’re welcome! :) Bookworms unite! Haha. I’m halfway through the book as well and I’m liking Charlie a lot. :D

  5. joylet says:

    hi anna!
    here’s something to add to your girly-girl list (i call it my ditzy book list):
    Bergdorf Blondes- Plum Sykes
    Debutante Divorcee- Plum Sykes (although in my humble opinion I enjoyed Bergdorf better)
    Everyone Worth Knowing – Lauren Weisberger (next installment after her smash book !)
    oh and then there’s the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella.
    I’m reading Can You Keep a Secret (by Sophie too) and it’s hilarious! haha!
    I’m shying away from books that make you think or let you drown in depression (aka Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, etc. — mind you I love Paulo Coelho, just not in the mood to think too much). Oh but here’s a kicker, have you read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath? Reminds me of the movie of Angelina Jolie and Wynona Rider -Girl Interrupted.
    Anyway, too much babbling.
    I’ll see you soon! After this hell of a BAR month! Miss you sweetie!

  6. April Zara says:

    Hey, I love The Devil Wears Prada, though I think the movie is tons better. I went ga-ga over the clothes. Kasi diba iba yung nababasa sa nakikita? :)

  7. gail says:

    yummayyyy! :D:D:D

  8. Ate Grace says:

    Hi Annings! Im just dropping by. hay , i hope i can have time to read again. the only book that i read now is “what to expect the first year” ahihihi! anyway, hope your ok. take care always!

  9. anna says:

    @ Marz: # 1 was pretty good. :)

    @ Toni: yeah, I am a spoilt girlfriend! =P

    @ Tina: hehe! Thanks for the tip! I loved the book! :) I even saw a stack of it in Powerbooks Mega. Buti na lang we bought it at National… they cost about P200+ more in Powerbooks! =P

    @ Joy: I loved the Shopaholic Series too! Miss you! Everyone has been so busy lately. Hope John did well with the bar. =)

    @ April Zara: Oh yeah, I loved seeing the clothes and bags for real!!! =) hehe! Too bad we didn’t get to see you when you were here. =P

    @ Gail: I know!! =P

    @ Ate Grace: Awww, busy mommy na kasi! hehe! Hugs to the baby! Hope all is well! =)