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A Celebration of Love
Posted on: 23rd of October 2006 | Under: Life & Love, Palate Pleaser

Who would’ve thought that a simple bet made between two platonic friends, would actually be the spark plug to a wonderful romantic relationship? Or the simple fact that the internet and the world of blogging could actually bring two people together?

I would’ve never thought it possible, but amazingly on October 16, 2003, it happened to us.

A number of those who still read my blog are actual witnesses to our love affair. From the time that we were just friends, to the times we started hanging out, and eventually to the day we officially got together. They’ve read about our happy moments together, and have given advices and support during our tough times too.

Last Monday marked the third year of our relationship, and I guess I owe those people – our friends, a post about how we celebrated our special day.

A Silver Wedding
Posted on: 3rd of October 2006 | Under: Life & Love

The past three weeks was exhausting. My family and I were faced with a whirlwind of errands and last-minute preparations for my mom and dad’s Silver Wedding Anniversary. Night after night of staying up late and going to bed at five in the morning. Days of driving around, making calls, picking up stuff and dropping off materials to be printed.

Three weeks is just too short a time to plan and prepare a big event. To make things worse, the typhoon that hit Manila the day before the event threatened the commencement of the whole wedding.

Due to the bad weather, there was a nationwide power failure the day before the wedding. It was a big headache, because it ruined our plans for the day of finishing the videos, printing out the missalette and doing the table arrangement for the guests. All our notebooks were fully drained and we had no access to electricity. One whole day wasted!

Before midnight, my brother, sister and I decided to try checking into a hotel that had a generator so we could finish everything. We drove around Alabang, Makati (every hotel!!!) and Manila, but at past two in the morning, luck was still not on our side. All the hotels were fully booked! Exhausted, disappointed and frustrated, we just decided to sleep in Makati (still electricity-deprived) for the night.