Inside My Bag
Posted on: 6th of November 2006 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

The last few days before the weekend was quite busy for me. I was working on the design for a project that my architect uncle and I are doing. It entailed several late nights rendering perspectives with markers, soft pastels and color pencils. It was actually the first time in weeks that I was engaged in something related to my line of work.

Now that all the designing is over (for now), I’ve been pretty much idle.

To save myself from utter boredom, I took out my camera and decided to take pictures of my bag’s contents (yes, I am that bored!). I actually remember doing this in one of my old blogs a couple of years ago, but I just felt like doing it again.

Wanna see what’s inside? =P


My BIG (okay, it’s not really that big =P) Liz Clairborne bag. I only use it when I need to carry my MacBook around.


A sneak peek inside. I love how the bag can fit quite a lot of my stuff. It gets quite heavy though. =P


With all my junk! =P


The essentials clockwise: my gold Parker 180 Guirland fountain pen (this has been sitting in my pen drawer for years! I re-discovered it a few days ago); a cheap Inoxcrom fountain pen; my favorite black 0.5 Dong-A My Gel pen; retractable eraser; clutch pencil; the spiral sketchbook I made where I sketch my design ideas; my moleskine where I write my thoughts and other random stuff (the boyfriend bought it for me!); my purple wallet; car keys; house keys.


The insides of my wallet. It’s an old Anne Klein II wallet that my mom has had for years. I found it while rumaging through an old chest.


The gadgets: my MacBook, the black sleeve (a great affordable find from PowerPee!) from the boyfriend behind; my Pink Razr; 4gb iPod nano; 4gb flash drive.


Kikay stuff: tissue (I always have tissue in my bag); Neutrogena powder; pink mesh makeup pouch; my big shades (another must- my eyes are sensitive to too much sunlight); a bottle of isopropyl alcohol (I’m an alcoholic! =P); Lacoste “Touch of Pink” perfume from the boyfriend; my paddle brush (it’s really big, and I just love using it on my long hair)


Inside the mesh pouch: my almost empty MAC concealer (the boyfriend got it for me. I love it!); MAC eyeshadow (again, from the boyfriend =p); Mimi eyeshadow; Body Shop blush; Body Shop’s Born Lippy in strawberry (my favorite lip balm); small bottle of lotion (Bath & Body Works in cucumber melon); tweezers; double blush brush; shadow brush; lip brush; Clinique mascara; lipstick (which I hardly ever use); eyelash curler; hair tie.

And after posting all that, I noticed a few things:

  • I have A LOT of things in my bag!
  • It’s obvious that I like pink. =P
  • I don’t bring my 2006 Starbucks planner around anymore. But I’m still planning to earn my 2007 planner – I’m gonna start tomorrow! =P
  • We have quite a lot of vintage finds lying around in the house: the gold fountain pen and my purple wallet. I should look out for more finds! =P
  • JR likes to buy me things. Like I always say, I am forever spoilt! =)

Anyway, what’s inside YOUR bag?

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11 Comments to “Inside My Bag”

  1. toni says:

    I missed your entries:D

    fave ko yung macbook haha.
    and LUCKY you..your boyfriend(kuya jr) loves to buy you gifts:)

    ang daming laman ng bag mo na galing sakanya eh. haha

  2. gail says:

    hi anna! Mmm, interesting! I remember a professor saying that a bag tells a lot about a person. And in your case, I’d think you’re really kikay! :D

  3. rick says:

    ooh. i like the razr :)

  4. anna says:

    @ Toni: I’m lucky he “supports” my love for kikay stuff! hehe!

    @ Gail: Haha! I just love girly stuff! :)

    @ Rick: It was a valentine’s gift from JR. ^^;;

  5. Marz says:

    For a moment I was like “Hey! The notebook looks awful familiar!” I think that’s really cool that you got a Moleskine. I got one like 6 months ago — the same type as yours — and it’s great for sketching and writing random things. =)

  6. anna says:

    @ Marz: I agree! I’m enjoying writing in it and doodling too! =P How much do they sell them there in Singapore? =)

  7. Marz says:

    If I am not wrong, it was between 20-38 dollars when I bought it. It was an expensive little bugger, but totally worth it. =)

  8. Nice pics!.. Can we feature it in Moleskine Philippines?

  9. ate janz says:

    wow. your razr and my razr are twins. the best phones in the land. hehe… haven’t heard from you in a while. hope you’re having a fun december. :)

  10. […] to replace my old Anne Klein II wallet that had to retire mid this year. […]

  11. Light says:

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