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Chocolate Overload
Posted on: 28th of February 2007 | Under: Artsy Fartsy
Chocolate Fondue

Gouache in moleskine sketch.

Let’s Get Pampered!
Posted on: 26th of February 2007 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

My grandmother who’s based in Vancouver is in the country for a month. She’s been very weak since she arrived, and has spent most of her days just resting. Today, she woke up feeling well, so she requested me to drive her to the salon where she got a well-deserved pampering.

She’s quite kikay for someone who’s 74 years old. Not only did she get a foot spa with a manicure and pedicure, she also got her hair trimmed and colored. And the icing came last when she treated her locks to a hairspa and got her eyebrows threaded! XP

But of course, since I was also at the salon, I treated myself too! I got a footspa.



Valentines, Reunions and Saturday Dates
Posted on: 18th of February 2007 | Under: Life & Love

I just realized that I’ve only been blogging on a once a week (well, more like on a once in two weeks) basis. At the moment, my life has been pretty much routinary. That’s why I only blog when something comes up… or when I snap out of my “I’m too lazy to blog” phases.

I’m here blogging, which means that I do have something to share. The highlights of my week, that is.

February 13, 2007:

Pre-valentines day date with JR.

His one-week trip to Singapore made us miss each other too much, that we opted to start our Valentines a day early. It was just a simple date around Glorietta, where we always are. We had dinner at Mexicali, followed by dessert at our favorite Starbucks (Glorietta 3 – the one inside Make Room).

Long conversations are something that I enjoy a lot when being with him. That, and our endless camwhoring! =P


JR and I at Starbucks.


Another Great Weekend
Posted on: 5th of February 2007 | Under: Life & Love

JR flew off to Singapore for a work training yesterday. Because it would mean an entire week of being away from each other, we spent the whole of Saturday and the morning of Sunday together.

He had to buy a few things for the trip, so we were running around Glorietta Saturday, making sure that he had everything he needed. We managed to have a quick lunch at Food Choices in between shopping, and then rested our exhausted feet at Starbucks afterwards. My feet were sore from walking around for hours, but being with JR was more than enough to help me forget about walking in heels… well, sort of. Haha!

We didn’t get to take as many photos, but we were able to sneak a few shots inside Powerbooks and Starbucks. =P

Here’s one of us (with my messy hair!) in Powerbooks, while waiting at the Customer Service.