There’s Always A Reason
Posted on: 20th of March 2007 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

Things are finally back to normal. My MacBook’s alive again; I picked it up from the Service Center last Thursday. My grandmother also checked out of the hospital and has been back home since Saturday. Things are good. :)

Anyway, I was reading through my archives and saw what I wrote 4 years ago. I liked it, so I’ll share it now.

I’ve always believed that everyone we meet in life, we meet for a reason. I believe that there’s a purpose behind why certain individuals were made present in our lives. Some are there to make living a pain, and torture us emotionally. Some to keep us sane and happy. Some are there to show us what life is about and let us feel their unconditional love. Some are simply there to help and teach us life’s lessons. Some enter our lives only for a few minutes, while some enter and stay for quite a while. Either way, each and every person we encounter will leave an effect on us in one way or another.

So, if someone comes into your life and after a while leaves you with a feeling that you’ve been stabbed in the chest, don’t be disheartened; that person came into your life for a reason. If you have someone that keeps you sane, that never fails to make you happy, be glad; that person is in your life for a reason. If you have someone who loves you unconditionally even if your flaws are more than the good things about you, rejoice; that person is in your life for a reason. If you have someone that helps you understand the ways and realities of life, who shows you that there’s always something to look forward to, take great pleasure; that person is in your life for a reason. And, if you meet people who stay only for a minute and meet others who remain a while, be delighted; all of them came for a reason.

The reasons may be vague as of the moment. Some reasons may even take a while to understand. But, in life, nothing was put by chance or by mistake. They all come to transform and mold us into the person we were created to be. =)

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3 Comments to “There’s Always A Reason”

  1. toni says:

    I’m glad things are back to normal.:)

    I agree with what you wrote four ages ago, you wrote it really well.

  2. anna says:

    @ Toni: Thanks, deari! =)

  3. Angela says:

    Stumbled here from Vanya’s site. I like with the one that you wrote a couple of years ago. Sometimes we really don’t understand why people come into our life only to hurt us, but everything has to happen, one reason or another.

    I’ll add your blog on my Kinja Digest, if you don’t mind. :)