New Challenges Await Me in May
Posted on: 24th of April 2007 | Under: Life & Love

I’m trying to savor every single minute that I have left of the month of April, because in May, there are two new life challenges in store for me.

The first challenge is the one I’m rather apprehensive about, because it entails being physically separated from the boyfriend for quite some time. I’m not just talking about being away from each other for a few weeks, I’m talking about months. Yes, MONTHS; JR‘s moving to Singapore for work.

I’m definitely happy and excited about him finally getting to work in Singapore. It’ll be a great opportunity for him, and I know the experience will do him good, both personally and career wise. But I’m also dreading it, because I know I will miss having him around. Sure, the internet, text messages and phone calls are there, but it’s just not the same as being able to hold and hug each other.

I’m going to miss our pig-out days, which is practically every time we see each other. I’m going to miss snuggling in each others arms. I’m going to miss people-watching while having coffee together. I’m going to miss wrapping my fingers around his. :(

On the other hand, the second challenge is quite exciting, because I will finally be working full-time. I know it will help ease things up a bit with the first challenge, because it’s a job that will occupy most of my time/days (it’s a 6-day work week!). It’ll be perfect. At least I have something to help distract me from the fact that JR will be far away.

I’m jittery about both challenges, but as early as now, I’m just taking things one day at a time.

I’ll also be flying with JR to Singapore for a week before he and I start our new jobs. It’ll be the perfect getaway. We definitely need that quality time together before we have to face our relationship miles away from each other.

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5 Comments to “New Challenges Await Me in May”

  1. Marz says:

    When Alex and I started with our long distanced relationship, it was quite difficult. However, if there is something that I learned about being a relationship like this is that it’s for you both to gain or lose. If you both want to work it out, it will. I have no qualms in you guys being able to do this. =)

    Good luck on your new job as well. =) A 6-day workweek is pretty much what is experienced here in Singapore as well (at least, when I interned). But I can imagine you having fun in this new job! =D Take care! Best of luck to you both!

  2. rick says:

    oh man. hirap yan ah

  3. toni says:

    Awww. Kaya mo yan dear!:)
    I know Kuya Jr will do everything he can to make you feel that he’s still always there.:D

    Good luck on your work! I know you’ll do well. Ikaw pa!;)

  4. Stephen says:

    You can do it… you two are so in love with each other, you’ll both find the strengh to get through this.