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Face Your Pockets Project
Posted on: 22nd of October 2007 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I drove out to buy some chips earlier, and instead of tugging along my everyday essentials inside my everyday bag, I stuffed just a few things in a smaller bag.

Here are the stuff (scanned w/ my face – inspired by the Face Your Pockets Project):

face your pockets project!

The guts: shades, car keys, gameboy micro (mario love!), cash, compact/powder, cellphone, moleskine notebook, driver’s license, body butter, lip balm, ipod nano, keys, gold heart necklace, fountain pen.

The Wonders of Heart to Heart Talks
Posted on: 9th of October 2007 | Under: Thoughts & Emotions

I definitely needed the talk over coffee with my bestest the other night. I was filled with so many realizations. Sometimes it really just takes someone else to point out certain realities for us to be able to grasp them entirely.

Life is complicated, and it really takes great effort for us to be able to hold on.