Face Your Pockets Project
Posted on: 22nd of October 2007 | Under: Fashion & Beauty

I drove out to buy some chips earlier, and instead of tugging along my everyday essentials inside my everyday bag, I stuffed just a few things in a smaller bag.

Here are the stuff (scanned w/ my face – inspired by the Face Your Pockets Project):

face your pockets project!

The guts: shades, car keys, gameboy micro (mario love!), cash, compact/powder, cellphone, moleskine notebook, driver’s license, body butter, lip balm, ipod nano, keys, gold heart necklace, fountain pen.

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4 Comments to “Face Your Pockets Project”

  1. Dan says:

    Doesn’t the light hurt your eyes?

    Nifty idea! I wanna try it out too but my scanners been long dead. :-(

  2. toni says:

    I missed this blog!:P post more! haha
    I like the picture.

    Anyway, when you have the time..feel free to read my current blog entitled number one. I need all the ates I can get.:) Thank you

  3. joylet says:

    hey anna! is that you? parang you look different! i want to do this but im scared! ill probably close my eyes once the scanner starts scanning..

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