April, Here I Come!
Posted on: 31st of March 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Things that I’m looking forward to in April:

  1. Getting photos of the London Book Fair, where my Moleskine Art will be exhibited. I already sent my sketchbook to Milan. :)
  2. The 5 new moleskines that I’ll be receiving for free! Yey!
  3. Meeting up with Mikko and a few other camera lovers on the 3rd. I finally get my first ever lomo cam (Vivitar PN 2011)! I’ve been itching to get one for months, and I just couldn’t stop myself any longer. =P
  4. My trip to Singapore for JR‘s birthday. I can’t wait!!!
  5. Getting my Holga 120 CFN when I get to Singapore. <3
  6. Spending quality time (5 days!) with JR. <3 Lots of hugs waiting! :)
  7. Shopping galore!!!!
  8. A good month at work. I’m expecting really positive clients in April.

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10 Comments to “April, Here I Come!”

  1. Id says:

    Hey Anna!

    Awesome that you’re popping by Singapore! As for places to get art supplies, they have:
    1) Art Friend (which is in Bras Basah Complex and Bencoolen Street near the NAFA campus [I think JR may know what I am talking about considering he’s lived in Singapore for a good chunk of time]. They also have one in Takashima, and I find it to be the best one in my opinion.).
    2) Fancy Paper (which is about a stone’s throw from Bras Basah complex; it’s this place where you get good paper of different weights at a good price).
    3) Popular (though it tends to sell more stationery items than arts-related items).

    Of all the ones I mentioned, I would highly recommend Art Friend. =) I hope these help. =D
    Btw, I loved looking through your pieces on your Moleskine! Great stuff! =D

  2. Id says:

    Oh dear, apparently, I cannot spell.
    On the first bullet point, I was meant to say “Takashimaya”. =P That’s in Orchard Road! Haha! =P

    My bad! =)

  3. jr says:

    i’m so proud of my artist bebe. woopwoopee! exciting times. iloveyou :-*

  4. April Zara says:

    Can’t wait to hang with you! I’m leaving for LA the day you arrive, but we will have dinner before I fly off! Yay! =)

    I love your drawings!

  5. katia says:

    wow, 5 moleskines? and a Holga? and Singapore? i am officially jealous. hahaha, have fun! saya naman ng April for you. :)

  6. anna says:

    @ id: Yey, thanks! Will definitely check them out. =) Art Friend sounds like the most convenient place to go to… well, probably only because I know where Takashimaya is! ahahaha! Thanks! :)

    @ jr: I love you! :)

    @ April: Yey! As soon as I found out that you were leaving a day after I arrive, I told JR to book you and Alvin for dinner right away! hehe! Can’t wait! :) And, thanks! :)

    @ katia: Thanks! I am so looking forward to everything April will bring. =) hehe!

  7. Id says:

    .. oh, and before I forget, I recommend going to the Singapore National Museum if you haven’t done so already. It’s nice for a visit. =) I can also recommend places to eat but I might break your server. =P

    Btw, what is the exact date that you’re leaving for Singapore? You want to have a meal again?

  8. vanya says:

    you’ll be getting a Holga! wow. :) may Moleskine pa! wheee. :)

  9. vanya says:

    hey ate anna! :) i have extra 120s here at home :) hindi ko naman nagagamit lately rin yun. its fuji superia 100, pero expired film na sya hehe. ilan kelangan mo? let me know! :D

  10. toni says:

    I’m glad everything’s going great for you:) Enjoy the trip to Singapore!