April Updates
Posted on: 16th of April 2008 | Under: Artsy Fartsy
  1. I received my 5 free moleskines from Italy (thanks to Marsida Shyti) yesterday. :) I have yet to get photos of the actual exhibit.
  2. I got my Vivitar PN2011 from Mikko early in the month! :) A few bloggers / photography enthusiasts met at Abea, Serendra for dinner. It was nice finally meeting old online friends, and meeting new ones as well. I went shutter happy and used up 2 films in 3 days!
  3. It’s been a great month at work. My best month, in terms of performance, so far. And it’s only the middle of the month! :)
  4. I fly off to Singapore on Thursday. Lots of activities with JR! I am so excited! :)

Photo time:


Free goodies! :)


Bloggers / Photography Enthusiasts unite!


THE WHEEL. One of my favorite shots using my Vivitar PN2011 and an expired Konica Centuria 400.

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5 Comments to “April Updates”

  1. jr says:

    =D exciting times

  2. vanya says:

    ate anna! waah. hindi na tayo nag-meet! so sorry. :( nag-start na kasi ako sa OJT eh. :/ i’ll find time to meet you up kapag kelangan mo pa ng films! TC. :)

  3. yam says:

    WOW! What kinds of Moleskines did you get?

    Our pic1 :D

    Have a great time in Singapore!

  4. Id says:

    Have fun! =D

  5. anna says:

    @ jr: i love you! :)

    @ vanya: no worries, dear. i got a couple of films na. :)

    @ yam: i got 2 small plain, 1 small sketchbook, 1 large plain, and 1 large squared. :) i sent our photos na… sorry na-late! =P hehe! thanks!

    @ id: thanks! :)