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Change Is Inevitable
Posted on: 30th of May 2008 | Under: Life & Love

A lot of changes happening soon. Changes that I’m really excited about. Changes that I’ve been yearning for quite some time already.

Wonderful Things
Posted on: 9th of May 2008 | Under: Life & Love
  • My trip to Singapore last month was lovely! I got to spend a lot of quality time with JR. Food tripping, shopping, lazing and a whole lot of fooling around. <3
  • Like I mentioned 2 posts ago, April was wonderful for me at work. My best month, indeed! May isn’t so far behind either. And it’s not even the middle of the month yet. =)
  • Despite the great months at work recently, I will be starting yet another phase in my life by mid-June. I am beyond excited! :)
  • I’m turning 25 in a couple of weeks! I’ll be flying off to Hong Kong to spend it there with my family for a three-day getaway. It’s been ages since we last traveled together, so I’m really looking forward to it.
  • April was great. I know May will end just as wonderful. But I am more positive that the next couple of months will be exactly what I’ve been yearning for.