Baby Steps
Posted on: 1st of July 2008 | Under: Life & Love

It has been about two and a half weeks since I stuffed my luggage (to an excess, might I add!) and flew here to Singapore. I am now in my new home.

I am actually amazed that I didn’t find it too hard leaving Manila. I’ve had my fair share of moving around (if you didn’t know, my family and I moved around a lot), and I never liked having to leave friends behind. I have always been quite scared to crawl out of my comfort zone. But this time, I guess it was different. I just had to take a leap and actually go for what I want.

I am happy. And even if I don’t have everything that I’ve been hoping for yet, I am confident that I’m getting there. Just a few more steps.  :)

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3 Comments to “Baby Steps”

  1. scrufus says:

    woopee. soon enough. love you my dearest :)

  2. anna says:

    @scrufus: i love you! :-*

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