Missing Manila, but Loving Singapore
Posted on: 2nd of July 2008 | Under: Life & Love

Things I miss about Manila:

  • My family. Although, I am actually in constant contact with them through the internet. My mom bugs me almost everyday about finding and buying her nice shoes and bags! LOL!
  • Gucci! I miss coming home to her waiting by the door, ready to fetch my slippers. I was actually on voicechat with my family the other night, and I was calling out to her so she could hear me. She was crying out loud when she did and was running around the room trying to find me. The poor thing misses me too! =(
  • My pillows! I must remember to pack them in my suitcase when I go home in December.
  • My entire closet (clothes, shoes and bags). I could only bring so much when I flew here. I always have days when I  feel as if I have nothing to wear!
  • Cibo! I want some of my favorite Manzo Panini!
  • My books. Sometimes I find comfort just staring at my bookshelf. =P
  • The rest of my art supplies.

Things I love about Singapore:

  • Finally being with the boyfriend. Just as he say’s it: “We’re finally Together Again!”
  • Being independent.
  • Cooking breakfast, cleaning, doing the laundry, and feeling all domesticated.
  • Riding the MRT everywhere. I do miss driving around in my own car, but  being just a passenger is quite relaxing. :)
  • Clean toilets with tissue everywhere! Something that you’ll rarely, if not never, find in Manila. =P
  • Going to the gym and hearing several people speaking in Tagalog. Makes me feel like I never left Manila at all.
  • JR‘s band (En-X) and finally being able to watch them play, even if it’s just during their jamming/practise sessions.
  • Yummy food! I love, love Chinese and Malay food. =)
  • Shopping! But, I must really take control, because I am going broke! =P
  • Living on the 4th floor, with no elevator. Going up and down the stairs everyday serves as my quick exercise when I’m too lazy to go to the gym. XP

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13 Comments to “Missing Manila, but Loving Singapore”

  1. aissa says:

    Hi! I’m a regular lurker here! love ur blog! I wanna ask about Singapore since I’ve been planning to go there to find a job..if its ok with u?

  2. anna says:

    @aissa: Hi! Thanks! :) Sure, go ahead and ask. :)

  3. Id says:

    Being independent is one of my favourite things about Singapore. I especially love the public transport because I am in total control of where to go. There’s a lot of traffic in Jakarta, and it can cause migraines, especially being on the road for hours.

    By the way, when are you free for coffee? =P

  4. noemi says:

    are you in Singapore for work? I love Singapore too. I wish my family can move there.

  5. Rachel says:

    Anna girl! :) I’m glad to see you’re happily settled in :D My heart sank when I read about Gucci :( Poor girl! I hope you get to bring her to Singapore soon (if that’s possible?)

    *Pokes Anna and Id* Maybe we could have coffee – all three of us – sometime next year! ;) Ahh! *Crosses fingers*

  6. Id says:

    @ Rachel: Swell idea! That is a must! *crosses fingers also* =D

  7. anna says:

    @id: I am loving just taking public transportation here in Singapore too. And I’m learning how to ride the bus on my own! hehe! I’ll be fixing some papers this week. Are you free for coffee next week? =)

    @Noemi: Yes, I recently moved here to work. =) It’s a nice and relaxing place to live in. =)

    @Rachel: I miss you! =P And no, I don’t think it’s possible to bring Gucci here. Or maybe it is, but I’m sure the process would be long and stressful. hehe! Planning to drop by next year??? Wooohoo! And are you blogging? Somewhere I don’t know? *whistles* =)

  8. aissa says:

    hi anna! thanks for letting me ask u Q’s! here it goes! Im wondering if its hard to get a working visa there and to find a job? thanks again in advance :)

  9. Id says:

    Absolutely, Anna! Does Monday sound good? =)

  10. anna says:

    @aissa: You can’t get a working visa here in Singapore until you actually find a job. Your employer will actually be the one to apply it for you. You may try applying for an EPEC (https://epec.mom.gov.sg/epec) and then get a Long Term Visit Pass (https://ltpass.ica.gov.sg/) when you get here. =) Hope that helps. =)

    @id: Sure! Monday sounds good! =) I’ll text you later. =)

  11. aissa says:

    Thanks so much anna! saw you in inquirer nga pala! is it long for me to knw the status of my EPEC Application? sorry im so kulit! thanks again!

  12. anna says:

    @aissa: the application process takes about a week. then they’ll send you the certificate, which takes about a month (mine took almost 2 months thought). :)

  13. amateri says:

    Thank you so much for so interesting article. Good job!